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an unmarked police car
not marked.
it's a pleasure to reward them for work which might otherwise go unmarked
not noticed.
translation of 'unmarked'
अलक्षित, अपरिलक्षित
Their remains were unearthed in March from 'unmarked' graves and identified by DNA testing with the help of Argentinian forensic experts.
She eventually pushed her attacker away and ran back out into the road where she got help from police officers in an 'unmarked' car.
Eyewitnesses reported that riot vans, 'unmarked' cars and several police vehicles surrounded the yard as officers armed with revolvers and machine guns stormed the site.
The researchers found about 80 marked or 'unmarked' graves.
Every language has marked constructions alongside its ordinary 'unmarked' ones.
Ten minutes later her son has put on his trainers and is escorted back to school in an 'unmarked' police car.
Last weekend, after the three of us came back from the park, we saw a police van and 'unmarked' car in our parking lot.
Keith Ballinger, prosecuting, said that police in an 'unmarked' patrol car saw Hewlett close to the junction with Whiteman Street at about 9pm.
The mark is not necessarily visible or audible: in the pair horse/mare, horse is the more general, 'unmarked' term, while mare is marked for femaleness.
Help is still needed to identify 'unmarked' graves in Bonniconlon new cemetery.
Second, she had been able to identify many of the 'unmarked' graves where stones had broken or fallen down.
Witnesses counted at least 21 marked police cars plus several 'unmarked' ones parked nearby.
It is the 'unmarked' form of singing, and its use enables easy access to the genre's emotional range and its themes.
If Chaucer's death went 'unmarked' in the public world, his loss was deeply felt by the poets who followed after him.
WPC Milburn was accompanied home to Birstall by one marked and two 'unmarked' police cars containing about six armed officers.
It was followed by an 'unmarked' police car with a ‘film crew’ on board.
An 'unmarked' police car, which had its siren sounding and lights flashing, was following a blue Volvo S40 T4 at 9.40 pm on Tuesday night.
The cemetery on the hill contains 40 freshly dug graves, 'unmarked' and identical.
There was a big forensic mobile lab, there were about a dozen marked and 'unmarked' police cars from the Sheriff's Department.
Police video footage showed Jackson meeting police at an airport in California and getting into an 'unmarked' police car.
Due to human error at some stage, this section of yellow line markings was left 'unmarked' .
None of them had noticed him; his launch had gone 'unmarked' .
And as Geoff observed, about a fifth of the clauses have the 'unmarked' English order.
Sinn Fein is understood to have given assurances of fresh co-operation to identify their 'unmarked' graves, allowing their families to lay them to rest.
Well, the first anniversary of this website went 'unmarked' on November 12th.
Additive particles, however, occur in a second, equally 'unmarked' pattern: the RC preceding the main stressed particle.
He was caught doing 58 mph in a 50 mph zone by an 'unmarked' police car, held his hands up and paid the £60 fine with three points.
The door was 'unmarked' and completely blank except for a single word written in a dark red script: Wayward.
The officers were sitting in an 'unmarked' police car when the man shot at the windscreen with a handgun, showering them with glass and injuring one officer in the eye.
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