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Many services provided within private households are considered by many cultures to be unmarketable .
without qualities that attract sales; not marketable.
translation of 'unmarketable'
जो बेचने लायक न हो
Undeniably an artistic triumph, it was also their bleakest album since Pornography, and the record label considered it almost 'unmarketable' .
Many of you have heard or experienced the pantheon of paid advertisements - so called ‘infomercials’ - that appear regularly on stations trying to rid themselves of essentially worthless and 'unmarketable' air time.
For example, codling moth larvae do not consume much of the apple that they infest, but they cause great esthetic damage by their presence and can render produce 'unmarketable' .
The hijackers drove without proper licences, violated immigration rules, left a plane sitting on an active runway and developed the 'unmarketable' skill of knowing only how to make turns with a jumbo jet, not how to land it.
They and others were obviously quite 'unmarketable' , so for every parrot sold many are discarded as unwanted and left to die.
Because of their location these trees could make it to a wider market only with considerable transportation costs which made them 'unmarketable' outside of the general area.
‘Too often, film or television projects from well-intentioned Christians are 'unmarketable' , poorly executed and scarred with red flags that signify the work of an amateur,’ Hickox says.
These are species other than the ones the farmers are raising, or they may be small, 'unmarketable' fish of the same species.
Recall the earlier example of the pharmaceutical companies that find only 1 of 1,000 compounds turn into a marketable drug; if they had no canceled projects they would either have 999 'unmarketable' drugs or no drugs at all.
It languished in post-production for nearly a year; British Lion and its new Managing Director, Michael Deeley, considered the finished film overlong and 'unmarketable' .
Many services provided within private households are considered by many cultures to be 'unmarketable' .
Because the missing ingredient, the 'unmarketable' bit, is the person's mind.
If a pound was collected every time a promoter emerged without a proper mantle (or at the very least, a forgettable, 'unmarketable' , rubbish one) then world poverty could be eradicated immediately.
Not exactly ‘guilty,’ but definitely not off the hook, either - despite good production values and a good heart, Spirit of Wonder is dull, boring, and in the court's opinion, completely 'unmarketable' .
He used to record for Decca until they declared him 'unmarketable' .
No real method has been established for 'unmarketable' securities.
My question is… not having a place to go to college next year, and with my main and totally 'unmarketable' selling point being the ability to write, I find myself totally without a place to land.
So basically what I think would be a great series is undoable, 'unmarketable' and lacks wide appeal.
It attacks the large quantities of 'unmarketable' fish that are discarded at sea, and describes how mammals and birds get accidentally tangled up in nets and drown.
Nobody could have foreseen that Jay's termination would garner so much publicity in the industry, rendering him 'unmarketable' and unemployed until the day of his death.
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