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the unmistakable sound of his laughter
not able to be mistaken for anything else; very distinctive.
translation of 'unmistakable'
अभ्रांत, निर्भ्रांत
His style is undeniable and 'unmistakable' , but one hopes he has few admirers.
Such an intention must be clearly manifested by 'unmistakable' and unambiguous language.
I assume her look must make her 'unmistakable' , but she says she is constantly mistaken for other people.
They offer 'unmistakable' evidence that summer is, at last, on its way.
As I head down the hallway and open the door, I hear shouting and the 'unmistakable' sound of glass breaking.
After a while, the faint, almost inaudible but 'unmistakable' sound of footsteps could be heard.
Volcanoes provide 'unmistakable' evidence that deeper yet it is hotter still.
And the law requires that the judge warn the jury in clear and 'unmistakable' terms.
Even in Maldon, the poorest and least mature of our towns, we find 'unmistakeable' evidence of hierarchic and promotional notions.
Slowly but 'unmistakably' , Vanity Fair has repositioned itself as America's most unlikely journal of dissent.
Josh, hearing the 'unmistakeable' sound of someone falling over rather unceremoniously just behind him, stopped abruptly and looked over his shoulder.
And then he heard the 'unmistakeable' sound of an infant's cry.
It said, in an 'unmistakeably' Italian hand (ever noticed how certain European nations have immediately identifiable handwriting?
Mr. Darcy at last allowed his attention to trace Elsa's 'unmistakably' hurt expression.
He kept walking, but stopped dead as what was 'unmistakably' a gunshot rang out.
She pointed to the west where the droning sound of engines was now 'unmistakeable' .
In fact, being typically British, when I hear those 'unmistakeable' sounds, I invariably find myself feeling incredibly embarrassed even about being in the privacy of my own flat.
His limbs are loose, 'unmistakably' powerful but uncluttered by slowing bulk.
The letters were chosen for the ease and 'unmistakability' of three dots, three dashes, and three dots and not for the actual letters of ‘SOS.’
The Chameleons it most definitely isn't, but the Fielding guitar sound is 'unmistakeable' .
Please spell everything out for me in clear, 'unmistakeable' black and white. Don't ask me to think.
The strength of an Advanced Chess player lies in the combination of the computer accuracy and 'unmistakability' and the human creativity and sagacity, provided that the both team components do possess these qualities (of course, unmistakability should be regarded in a relative sense).
I called him and expressed my gratitude only to notice his 'unmistakeable' surprise.
She had new clothes, which bore the 'unmistakeable' evidence of an afternoon's hard play.
But his pipes do attain clear 'unmistakability' , which is no mean feat considering the ridiculous glut of young garage-dwellers out there.
The hallmark of this marque is 'unmistakeability' ; in some cases you might, at first glance, confuse one make of luxury boat for another, but you wont mistake a Pershing and these two are true to that.
But that was practically the only point of accord in more than an hour of multisyllabic legal jousting over concepts such as adjudicatory claims, state sovereignty and the doctrine of 'unmistakeability' .
It was the 'unmistakeable' sound of Muzak drifting around the terminus.
Although some of the Stoppardian battle lines in Jumpers are not as clear as they will later become, they are already clear enough to be 'unmistakeable' .
For in the context of our troubled times, its meaning was 'unmistakeable' - and she sure as eggs was not appealing to religious minorities to forego discrimination and embrace diversity.
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