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unofficial reports that dozens of people were injured
not officially authorized or confirmed.
translation of 'unofficial'
Let's get this sorted: Shazia Mirza isn't an 'unofficial' spokeswoman for Islam.
None of the cities has an official tolerance zone, although Aberdeen has an 'unofficial' red-light district.
The Gun Plot is the most authoritative 'unofficial' site about the RAN on the Internet.
Forest harvesting, official and 'unofficial' , can create major problems.
So count us in for next year's challenge and let's see if we can make our, slightly 'unofficial' , record official.
The reporters did not clarify whether the news was from official or 'unofficial' sources.
There were also 'unofficial' reports of a further three scares, including one at a school in Fish Hoek.
Bernhard's lap was one of three that bettered both the official and 'unofficial' track records.
Unpopular plans to build ten family homes on 'unofficial' allotments beside a village conservation area have been blocked.
They do not reflect the official or 'unofficial' policies of any government agency.
Only one of the 18 official languages in India and many more 'unofficial' ones, I replied.
The neighbours in 'unofficial' whispers talk about his activities but officially they know nothing.
There is no mileage in keeping the site as some kind of 'unofficial' commemoration of the riots and what they meant - it is time to move on.
The most exciting exhibition in Venice is an unsanctioned upstart: the 'unofficial' Italian pavilion.
The 'unofficial' website for Daylight Rule, has received more than 3300 visitors since it was launched.
Amazingly it bears a striking resemblance to some of the 'unofficial' tube rules I've reported in my time.
I'm sure she's flouting loads of official and 'unofficial' tube etiquette in one fell swoop here.
How many were killed and wounded is unknown, for 'unofficial' and official counts differed widely.
Yet there is the possibility of an engagement, whether official or 'unofficial' for John Brown.
So neither the official nor the 'unofficial' cover story seem to hold much water.
She was a teacher at Cator Park School, 'unofficially' in charge of school trips.
Estonia and Lithuania have already tied their currencies 'unofficially' to the euro and I would not be surprised to see Denmark or Sweden go over to the other side.
It's well known that Bradford, 'unofficially' at least, is the curry capital of this country.
When we visited, the centre was looking after two baby barn owls, 'unofficially' called Itchy and Stratchy after the cartoon cat and mouse from The Simpsons.
The southern end was 'unofficially' opened in October 1912.
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