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the sudden rise in unemployment is unparalleled in the postwar period
having no parallel or equal; exceptional.
translation of 'unparalleled'
I'd spent a day on a river of 'unparalleled' beauty and absorbed enough about the art of fishing to make me understand its lure and want to try again.
Versions of Dante in English offer the reader almost 'unparalleled' opportunity for learned snobbishness.
Roberts said this amount of aid to one area was 'unparalleled' .
The last time the two sides met the Giants put on a display of footy 'unparalleled' in their season to blitz Lower Clarence.
French electors today embark on the first round of the presidential elections with an 'unparalleled' disdain for politics.
When the adults have so much to explore, for kids the happiness is 'unparalleled' .
The boozing, the brawling, the cars, the girls and an 'unparalleled' football talent have all defined George Best.
The power they bring to the stage is 'unparalleled' in most bands I've seen.
War had brought 'unparalleled' and unprecedented personal fortunes for Rome's victorious generals.
The event would give Scotland an 'unparalleled' opportunity for worldwide exposure which money cannot buy.
The web gives them the opportunity of 'unparalleled' access to information.
But for many families the postwar years brought 'unparalleled' levels of material prosperity.
However, Oktoberfest is also marketed as a student slosh fest of 'unparalleled' quality and good times.
And then there is a collection of dictionaries that must be quite 'unparalleled' .
The network has been touted an 'unparalleled' service for visitors and potential visitors to WA.
That is, the 1960s, which was in Africa a time of 'unparalleled' hope and optimism.
He is truly irreplaceable, a figure of 'unparalleled' courage and integrity.
Well, first of all, it has been an 'unparalleled' honor to represent the United States.
In concert, the band displayed a power and charisma 'unparalleled' in modern music.
The 20th century was a century of savage slaughter, insane ideology, and 'unparalleled' progress.
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