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Kenneth seems unperturbed by the news
not perturbed or concerned.
translation of 'unperturbed'
But in actual fact he is 'unperturbed' about the attention.
This season, he has not veered one inch from cool, 'unperturbed' , gently luxurious clothes.
Clarke is 'unperturbed' that the first major exhibition of Scottish paintings at the revamped Royal Scottish Academy should be by a pillar of the empire.
A replacement Stagecoach bus arrived at the scene shortly afterwards and an 'unperturbed' Mr Hill completed the journey with his passengers.
He was always unflappable, seemingly 'unperturbed' whenever he found himself on the knife edge of defeat.
We realise we might be the youngest people here - many of the clientele enjoyed the Seventies as they happened - but we are 'unperturbed' .
Again, sources backing up this information are minimal, but Willerbang seemed 'unperturbed' by the sudden departure of his friend and mentor.
A trailblazer all her life, she is 'unperturbed' when it comes to speaking her mind on controversial issues regarding life and love.
The man whose Naya Theatre group revived theatre in the 60's is 'unperturbed' by controversy and likes to move on.
The life-like bambini appeared 'unperturbed' , their faces calm and angelic, their wide eyes turned to the sky.
The settlers, 'unperturbed' , insisted that they need not take their ‘cue from barbarians!’
It had been much too long since she'd experienced such 'unperturbed' tranquility.
The hammerheads looked at one moment cool and 'unperturbed' and then they were gone.
However, the filmmaker who cleared the film with the censor board earlier this month seems 'unperturbed' by the controversies.
And Clarke, of course, made his name with Fred Dagg, a character who appeared 'unperturbed' to the point of coma.
American military professionals are largely 'unperturbed' by the controversy.
The Spanish midfielder was exceptional, his control and passing was exquisite and he seemed 'unperturbed' by the conditions.
His words, calm and almost 'unperturbed' , made the customer's words seem outrageous.
The 'unperturbed' swans, ponderously wallowing in the shallows.
Ikeda watched her scowl at him for a lengthy moment while he remained composed and wholly 'unperturbed' .
On the last, Lowry 'unperturbedly' observed, ‘It was because it was an explosive issue and museums happened to be part of the tinder in the fire.’
And if you have to ask, you'll never find out,’ Shelley said 'unperturbedly' .
As the two females got back to their feet and straightened, they coolly observed Evelyn, who regarded them just as 'unperturbedly' .
Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said Saturday the process of democracy building in Ethiopia goes on 'unperturbedly' in spite of attempts of opposition leaders to detract the path.
He asked again, 'unperturbedly' taking my silence as a sign of hostility.
Nepal's transit pact with China: India unperturbed
Kohli unperturbed by Ian Healy's comments
Virat Kohli unperturbed by Australian media jibes
Brazil, England unperturbed by semi-final venue change
Brazil, England unperturbed by semi-final venue shift (Third Lead)
Unperturbed by IPL form, Miller ready for WC challenge
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