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an unpleasant smell
causing discomfort, unhappiness, or revulsion; disagreeable.
translation of 'unpleasant'
The insurance industry, it'll come as no surprise, is full of 'unpleasant' characters.
We may say the same of bodily discomfort, an 'unpleasant' sensation distinct from pain.
It gets more and more grim and relentless, and its hero more and more 'unpleasant' .
I now have an 'unpleasant' mental image of everyone reading this doing some nasty experiments.
He would have experienced a thoroughly 'unpleasant' and ugly world view but a breathtaking piece of theatre.
When you have to deal with 'unpleasant' people on the phone it gives a sour taste to the day.
More distressingly the chemotherapy made her give off a particularly 'unpleasant' odour.
The smell of the glue was not 'unpleasant' but hurt his throat and made him feel slightly sick.
You are foul, surly, nasty, unhelpful, 'unpleasant' and clearly you have a lot of issues.
Residents in Rawcliffe have raised the issue of the 'unpleasant' smells for years to no avail.
There is a lot of 'unpleasant' and offensive material out there which no parent would wish their child to see.
Some women don't like it: it has a distinctive smell and taste, which some find 'unpleasant' .
She's like a snail that's drawn in all its feelers after running into an 'unpleasant' object.
The man is not 'unpleasant' but when he speaks, his words cut deep into her and she sees him as suddenly ugly.
However, even the most 'unpleasant' people in the world don't deserve what she got.
I have no great desire to do it either because it is a very 'unpleasant' business.
Sometimes they are just 'unpleasant' or they do have very different fundamental beliefs about the world.
He was supposed to meet Jane and several of her 'unpleasant' girlfriends for a bite to eat in just ten minutes.
The gardener had had to spray gasoline on them to facilitate combustion, and the smell was 'unpleasant' .
More than just 'unpleasant' , the obnoxious smell was stifling and suffocating.
Sold some books and was ripped off by the 'unpleasant' second-hand bookseller.
All I can say about it is nice people are easy to deal with and 'unpleasant' people are much more difficult to cope with.
For a start he was English, but he had a bit of a weaselly face and slightly receding hair and a somewhat 'unpleasant' manner.
Some often tend to eat excessively when in an 'unpleasant' mood, resulting in obesity.
Lynndie England, however 'unpleasant' , is not the the villain of this debacle.
It is a miracle that these dirty and 'unpleasant' Chinese chain restaurants survive.
Mmm, there are some truly 'unpleasant' smells lurking around the London Underground network.
It was the nastiest moment in countless 'unpleasant' footballing encounters.
He thought it was a nasty 'unpleasant' film, and his sequel was an answer that would somehow unmake the damage.
The weather was appalling, and German artillery made life 'unpleasant' for the British.
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