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the government took the unprecedented step of releasing confidential correspondence
never done or known before.
translation of 'unprecedented'
Interestingly, Dean protected, to a nearly 'unprecedented' degree, his and his family's privacy from media inquiry.
The catastrophe that made all of that a distant memory was equally 'unprecedented' in the history of mankind.
The celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the event have been 'unprecedented' in scope.
Secondly they provided a conduit through which investment on a hitherto 'unprecedented' scale could be mobilized.
We put together an 'unprecedented' ground operation, but it was matched by the zealots on the right.
"Debt is at historically 'unprecedented' levels, " according to the Office for National Statistics.
One social characteristic was the unique and 'unprecedented' rise in real earnings and incomes.
The mixed economy boomed, bringing 'unprecedented' prosperity to the middle and working classes.
But George W. Bush " unsigned " the treaty on May 6, 2002, in a historically 'unprecedented' move.
Despite its budget and nearly 'unprecedented' number of release prints, Ginger Snaps feels like a very collaborative effort.
In a very rare, but not 'unprecedented' move, the US Patent Office has nullified a contentious technology patent.
Now two victims have taken the 'unprecedented' step of suing the Vatican itself.
The almost 'unprecedented' move would have brought a smile to your million-dollar mug right about now.
For a company of this size, it was a virtually 'unprecedented' single day drop.
Since it was unique and 'unprecedented' the coin was dismissed as a modern hoax.
"This gives you virtually 'unprecedented' control over movies, " Aho said.
Yet he is happy to admit that the man who inherited his job has guided the Giants to 'unprecedented' levels of success.
It was underpinned by a level of social consensus 'unprecedented' since before the Reformation.
We're in a time of almost 'unprecedented' prosperity and peace.
The Shanghai government has given the IC business community a strong boost, through an 'unprecedentedly' strong package of incentives that offers trade rebates, tax holidays and low-interest loans.
At first his term of office was for five years, which was later extended to ten, an 'unprecedentedly' long period.
You had the massacre in Nepal, again an 'unprecedentedly' dramatic story, you had the Vajpayee-Musharraf summit which saw the media lose its perspective, and from the South you had all that whipped up drama over the Karunanidhi arrest.
Though his first Wal-Marts were chaotic, with goods piled high on tables, the stores charged 'unprecedentedly' low prices, and crowds flocked to them, some traveling hundreds of miles to shop.
The subsidies they received from the Chinese state did not exceed WTO dictates, but were enough for them to buy grain from peasants at 'unprecedentedly' low prices and then sell it at a handsome profit on the international market.
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