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it was unrealistic to expect changes to be made overnight
not realistic.
The above analysis is based on an 'unrealistic' assumption of perfect knowledge of future treatments.
Now Coun Montaut has condemned the plans as being totally 'unrealistic' and devastating for everyone.
I suppose good parents strive for perfection, which is 'unrealistic' and unnecessary.
Many schemes promise 'unrealistic' earnings and don't explain clearly what the work involves.
After seven albums, it is 'unrealistic' to expect Beck to keep reinventing himself.
Victor argues that Kyoto cannot work, nor can 'unrealistic' regulations on emissions reduction.
Faced with such a vision, a standard reaction is to declare it 'unrealistic' and utopian.
But if we carry on as we are, it will be frittered away on grandiose schemes and 'unrealistic' projects.
It is 'unrealistic' to expect the country to have the amenities that urban areas have.
They display an 'unrealistic' idealism and create a false sense of peace.
He said it was 'unrealistic' to expect tempers not to flare, given the sporting history between the two schools.
It may be 'unrealistic' to expect ministers to acknowledge any responsibility for system failures.
None of these proposals is revolutionary, and many may seem 'unrealistic' and idealistic.
It would be 'unrealistic' to expect too much from the mission, based on a ten-day visit.
With an abundance of crises and challenges do we have 'unrealistic' expectations of our corporate leaders?
In a film which is filled with 'unrealistic' elements it feels like a moment of realism.
The rest of the men told him he was 'unrealistic' (which he also admitted was the case) and an idiot.
It can, admittedly, be hard to distinguish between being idealistic and being 'unrealistic' .
At the same time, one cannot give in to unworthy and 'unrealistic' demands.
To be fair, Miles was a genius and it is 'unrealistic' to expect that sort of creative energy from anybody.
When endowments were sold alongside mortgages, expectations of future returns were 'unrealistically' high, so many are not on target to pay off the loans.
But it strikes me as hypocrisy that the market is allowed to become 'unrealistically' overbought, but has to be slapped back into line when it is, reputedly, critically oversold.
The level of compression needed to recreate a long novel in 106 minutes generates clumsy dialogue and 'unrealistically' quick emotional shifts.
While the movement is 'unrealistically' static in the hospital scenes, the ‘memory’ sequences are wonderfully effective.
Characters were only permitted to speak in an 'unrealistically' prim fashion, bare flesh was out of the question and certain political or sexual themes were completely taboo.
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