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the heat was unrelenting
not yielding in strength, severity, or determination.
translation of 'unrelenting'
His letter to Leghari was 'unrelenting' in its condemnation.
From beginning to end, it is just 'unrelenting' , one of the hardest courses in America.
That's just over a year since the dedicated York warrior turned professional in the 'unrelenting' and unforgiving arena of Thai boxing.
The world of business is a harsh and 'unrelenting' one: a constant struggle for survival and profit in which the weak or the inflexible go to the wall.
If she did nothing else right now she would tumble backward and hit the hard, 'unrelenting' ground head first.
Jordan's unusual mix of hard graft, 'unrelenting' energy and ability to source funds ensured the team's survival.
At sea, the punishing U-boat campaign continued, and the war in the Atlantic was cruel and 'unrelenting' .
Faced with a cruel and 'unrelenting' system of numbers that mocked him, he invented a new one!
First off, Frazier forced Ali to fight by applying fast and hard 'unrelenting' pressure.
In the packed public gallery, Mrs Humes's family, who had glared with 'unrelenting' hatred at him during the hearing, were in tears.
Once you get past this blemish, Minority Report is an 'unrelenting' movie about the cruel uncertainty of both life and the future.
Pigs are innocent victims of a cruel, 'unrelenting' slaughterhouse industry.
Since the Vietnam era, he's been an 'unrelenting' critic of US foreign policy and this book's no different.
Opprobrium from the terraces and beyond was 'unrelenting' .
The couple were a Calvinist pastor of the most 'unrelenting' kind and his equally intransigent spouse.
The reaction by its political opponents to this stand was one of savage and 'unrelenting' hostility.
For a place dependent on tourist spending, the 'unrelenting' determination to turn paying customers away is simply beyond rationality.
So it's kind of cool for me to think of myself as someone who's 'unrelenting' and controlling of situations.
Vincent Hunter's film is as 'unrelenting' and tough as the true meaning of loneliness.
‘I don't cope well with the 'unrelenting' demands of professional rugby,’ he said then.
You're looking at a man with an unflagging passion for racing and an 'unrelenting' will to win.
This is the world Elphie encounters as she moves from a life at Shiz University to one of unforgiving and 'unrelenting' segregation.
A major factor in determining the outcome was the 'unrelenting' political opposition in the highest quarters.
She made you the 'unrelenting' , hard and cold businessman that they called iceman, today.
He believed their newly formed government should be strict, orderly, and 'unrelenting' .
That and the 'unrelenting' heat and undulations made for a tough cycle leg, which he completed at his pre-race estimated time.
Simpson was known as the Iron Man in his playing days and was a tough, 'unrelenting' prop.
The Washington Post reports that the wave of violence in the Sunni Arab heartland continued 'unrelentingly' on Thursday.
The entire film is like a well choreographed but under-edited Bollywood dance number: initially dazzling but eventually tiring in its 'unrelentingness' .
The worry, the work, the 'unrelentingness' of life with a kid like Annika: it's been a long 5 years.
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