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पहले से न सोचा
Many applicants are unrepresented or represented by non-professionals.
not represented.
translation of 'unrepresented'
पहले से न सोचा,
पहले से न सोचा हुआ,
पहले से न जाया हुआ
The Defendant did not attend and was 'unrepresented' .
Many applicants are 'unrepresented' or represented by non-professionals.
Those in power become almost indistinguishable, and the bulk of the community is left feeling alienated, disgruntled and 'unrepresented' .
This would leave a huge majority of voters 'unrepresented' - even less fair.
It is a shame that the country's favourite sport remains 'unrepresented' at the World's biggest sporting occasion.
Not since Moscow in 1980 has Australia been 'unrepresented' in the relays at the Olympics.
A Geraldton legal centre has launched a series of seminars to inform 'unrepresented' defendants of the ins and outs of the justice system.
Parents have to answer serious charges by a number of authority figures unaided, 'unrepresented' , and in a potentially frightening environment.
During that period of time, he made numerous court appearances, sometimes 'unrepresented' and other times represented by counsel.
In court he was 'unrepresented' and pleaded guilty.
Antoine appeared before the magistrate at the Scarborough Magistrates Court at about 10.30 am and was 'unrepresented' .
The problem with poor turnouts has nothing to do with the hassle of getting to a polling station, and everything to do with people feeling 'unrepresented' and disenfranchised.
All in all, organized groups represent a wide array of interests in American politics, and few, if any, significant interests go 'unrepresented' .
Whole sections of the population are now 'unrepresented' in parliament.
I have taken the following steps because the defendant is both 'unrepresented' and unfamiliar with her legal rights.
Newcastle, Manchester and Gateshead remain areas where the Tories are utterly 'unrepresented' .
Often soldiers were 'unrepresented' , often no witnesses were called in their defence.
Women are equally 'unrepresented' in other top union jobs, making up less than a fifth of top leadership.
A case involving an 'unrepresented' litigant can take 2 or 3 times longer to complete than one where the parties are represented.
Rachel wants to ensure that large and 'unrepresented' or underrepresented groups in Canada are actually represented in Parliament.
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