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these symptoms may be unresponsive to conventional treatment
not responsive.
translation of 'unresponsive '
Wearing sunglasses, and with a baseball cap pulled low over his face, he was almost as 'unresponsive' as his coach on Friday.
But he is understood to have been 'unresponsive' to most of the letters and calls.
She found him lying on his back, rigid and 'unresponsive' , with blue lips and apparently not breathing.
The beloved will never grow tired and grumpy, 'unresponsive' and older, but will always be perfect.
In the current circumstances, this is an astonishingly bold, not to say 'unresponsive' , strategy.
When songwriting, he feels he undergoes some sort of chemical change which makes him detached and 'unresponsive' once outside the office.
The only time I've seen them look more glum is when they attempted to gee up an 'unresponsive' crowd while supporting Travis earlier this year.
The shocked driver saw Patrick was unconscious and 'unresponsive' and another motorist dialled 999.
I'm not the only one dealing with bullies and an 'unresponsive' school system.
He was on morphine, and not himself - 'unresponsive' to stimuli, and seemingly in pain.
Where demand is relatively 'unresponsive' to price changes, demand is said to be inelastic with respect to price.
Large companies are slow, bureaucratic, 'unresponsive' and ineffective.
Those of us who use council services know how slow they are to catch up with modern standards of customer service and how 'unresponsive' they can be.
She suffered from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and was largely 'unresponsive' and he knew she could put up no resistance.
The crowd were utterly 'unresponsive' , in fact most got up and walked away.
The latter acts as a very slow brake, or a very 'unresponsive' gas pedal on the economy.
The controls are sluggish and 'unresponsive' , which when you're trying to pull off a series of trick moves is just unforgivable.
He would be normal on some days, and other days, completely 'unresponsive' and moody.
This may be a sign that it has fared better than its peers, or equally it could just mean that the company is set in its ways and 'unresponsive' to market conditions.
Her condition worsened, she became 'unresponsive' and the bruising spread further down her face.
If your child shows signs of dehydration (drowsiness, passing little urine, few or no wet nappies, a dry mouth and tongue, 'unresponsiveness' , or glazed eyes) you should call your GP urgently.
Until now, tests have only been carried out when parents have become concerned at their child's 'unresponsiveness' - by which time the damage could already have been done
First, the excessive concentration of arbitrary powers, inclusive of the supervision of the police, in the hands of appointed sub-sovereigns with no local roots contributed to 'unresponsiveness' and inertia.
Midnight struck, and I was somehow still alone, as they dozed at my side 'unresponsively' .
Normally, such counter pointed laser light beams would just 'unresponsively' pass through each other, Gauthier said.
But when Matthew simply stood there 'unresponsively' , she pursed her lips together and gently led him to the nearest chair.
Then it happened, and our tepid prehistory was, quite literally, forgotten beyond a lingering embarrassment at my own callow 'unresponsiveness' .
While offering no apologies for the Mail's 'unresponsiveness' , it does have to be accepted that reporting the exceptional rather than the commonplace is one of the elements of news journalism.
Falcons only fly when they are hungry. When they are fed up they just sit 'unresponsively' until they have digested their meal.
He shrugged 'unresponsively' , which I knew was his way of meaning yes without saying so.
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