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unrestricted access to both military bases
not limited or restricted.
translation of 'unrestricted'
मना नहीं
One obvious question arose: would access to these archives really be free and 'unrestricted' ?
We're up there in a nice position with an 'unrestricted' view.
But maybe 'unrestricted' trade isn't always in the best interest of all business.
Both of these parents have 'unrestricted' access and custodial rights with respect to the child.
The abiding truth for cancer patients is that they want 'unrestricted' access to all treatments.
And as expected Bryant became an 'unrestricted' free agent, opting out of his contract.
Even during the stalking season, this means that access is 'unrestricted' all year.
However, most clubs offer 'unrestricted' , free membership to adult patrons and gamblers.
A link to the trash page is also present on each discussion table and access to it is 'unrestricted' .
Their publication gives the public unmediated and 'unrestricted' access to this direct evidence for the first time.
The active imaging area is close to the panel's edge, for 'unrestricted' access to the patient.
Will it guarantee full and 'unrestricted' exercise of freedom of religion under Article 25?
It would soon go to his head, as it does with everyone who is granted 'unrestricted' access to secrets beyond top secret.
These will also grow tax-free and children will have 'unrestricted' access to the funds once they are 18.
They will have 'unrestricted' power and lots of it - but zero accountability.
There is 'unrestricted' movement of the prisoners in the jail premises.
Under licence, he would have been permitted unescorted and 'unrestricted' access to his family.
Tehran today said it will allow 'unrestricted' inspections of its nuclear facilities.
A UN resolution adopted last month mandates 'unrestricted' access at all Iraqi sites.
This would later develop into 'unrestricted' submarine warfare.
The unspoken assumption behind Mr Gledhill's letter is that motorists should be in the position of being able to travel freely and 'unrestrictedly' .
Intravenous fluids were used 'unrestrictedly' .
Only those who unconditionally and 'unrestrictedly' consider the market economy as the only workable form of social cooperation are opponents of the totalitarian systems and are capable of fighting them successfully.
All kerbs, bollards and barriers will be swept away, and cars and people will mingle 'unrestrictedly' on what is intended to become a glamorous new boulevard, adorned with fountains and sculptures.
The development of western civilization is predicated on the ambition to achieve mastery over nature and to manipulate it 'unrestrictedly' .
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