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the compromise left all sides unsatisfied
not satisfied.
translation of 'unsatisfied'
Also, anyone wanting the essential information about a person's background will normally emerge 'unsatisfied' .
What they fear is precisely the frustration of their 'unsatisfied' desires.
So what is the way out of this cul-de-sac of 'unsatisfied' feelings and frustration?
If we don't finish something, we feel 'unsatisfied' and unmotivated.
Sally Feldman is 'unsatisfied' by Forster's cast of vague characters
There are no false positions, no important omissions, no 'unsatisfied' desires.
I would rather remain with my unavenged suffering and 'unsatisfied' indignation, even if I were wrong.
Once the war was ended, in 1945, a number of businessmen thought that it ought to be possible to exploit this 'unsatisfied' demand.
Do you FEEL 'unsatisfied' or unfulfilled with any area of your life or business?
It had never been love, only an 'unsatisfied' desire, which made it worse.
They still appear to be 'unsatisfied' that Barnes's departure will cure the malaise which affects the club.
Back in the UK, my curiosity 'unsatisfied' , I decide to educate myself.
Two electricians were eventually found guilty of arson, though even the judges were 'unsatisfied' with the outcome.
I did email them and was very 'unsatisfied' with the outcome.
I'm also frightened to work on the ‘front-line’ with angry, 'unsatisfied' patients.
She was a talented artist, but was 'unsatisfied' with her own work.
But perhaps it's this lack of cohesion which leaves the reader 'unsatisfied' .
Ronaldo provides a lot of the touching and teasing but sometimes his final spurt leaves fans frustrated and 'unsatisfied' .
The French papers were also 'unsatisfied' with the report.
If we have 'unsatisfied' customers who tell other people about their bad experience, it puts off our future trade.
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