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an unspecified number of people
not stated clearly or exactly.
translation of 'unspecified'
An 'unspecified' threat has led to the closures of several courthouses in Connecticut.
The move is expected to take place at a yet 'unspecified' time later in the year following a £1.6million revamp.
They would be placed in a truck and driven into an 'unspecified' Baltimore tunnel.
The Supreme Court ruled the charges were unlawful and granted 'unspecified' damages to the airline.
We have been asked by the council to take on a pension liability which is 'unspecified' and unquantified.
At first, the speaker is out of view, looking on from an unknown, 'unspecified' locale.
Flights have either been cancelled, rescheduled or simply delayed for 'unspecified' periods.
In September last year members of all parties voted unanimously to grant him an extended leave of absence due to an 'unspecified' illness.
An hour later, the post office manager received a call on his mobile from a man demanding an 'unspecified' amount of money.
But after that you will be able to stay in your own suite, as long as it isn't occupied, at an as yet 'unspecified' discount.
A proposal, details of which remain 'unspecified' , for emergency measures also has been mooted.
Vague promises of 'unspecified' future salvation just don't cut it in today's market.
He revealed that City's directors had given the go-ahead for a fans' forum to be held on an 'unspecified' date next year.
At some 'unspecified' point, consistent breach of a rule becomes the rule.
The law suit asks for 'unspecified' damages on behalf of Keeney and her son.
He is also thought to be suffering from a serious, but 'unspecified' , illness for which he needs powerful medication.
This includes 'unspecified' economic penalties and the severing of diplomatic relations.
I will never get another chance, and I hear it will even change my life, in some 'unspecified' but profound mystical fashion.
The US Air Force has also received orders to deploy an 'unspecified' number of B - 2 bombers.
For 'unspecified' reasons, he was demoted in 1927, so he resigned and returned to Sofia.
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