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an unstoppable army
impossible to stop or prevent.
Receiving the ball on the right of the Rowntree penalty area he unleashed an 'unstoppable' drive into the top corner of the net.
Global chaos ensues when a computer geek, fired from his job, unleashes an 'unstoppable' computer virus.
Over the last couple of weeks with players from all clubs in the parish, Kirwans are 'unstoppable' .
The high drama came when Dublin surged through and were 'unstoppable' as they landed the ball in the net.
He opened the scoring after 25 minutes with an 'unstoppable' left foot drive into the roof of the net.
By the end of August, the seemingly 'unstoppable' Japanese force had been stopped.
When he was at his most sublime, he was 'unstoppable' and irresistible.
The urge for men to have sons, one colleague tells me, is 'unstoppable' .
At his peak he was almost 'unstoppable' and only the quality of competition limited his Scotland appearances to two.
The 'unstoppable' Chinese economy has emerged as the main driver of steel prices in the world market.
The big striker brought the ball down and swivelled before firing an 'unstoppable' shot into the net.
Its sheer size makes it formidable, and its movement is apparently 'unstoppable' .
Four and eight years ago, the Kiwis were producing sublime attacking rugby that was 'unstoppable' in full flow.
Few predicted weeks ago that so many people would turn out to stop the 'unstoppable' , and I was certainly not among them.
His goal came when he controlled a cross from the corner on his chest and rifled in an 'unstoppable' volley.
These underlying causes mean that change continues in a virtually 'unstoppable' way for lengthy periods of time.
Can Bruce figure out a way to stop an 'unstoppable' foe when he can barely get out of bed?
As more Yorkshire troops and airmen head for the Gulf, the momentum towards conflict looks 'unstoppable' .
His flow of talk, of analysis and anecdote is magical and 'unstoppable' .
The best thing about a remix is its ability to turn a lackadaisical song into something 'unstoppable' .
The tickets are issued; the process has begun with almost glacial 'unstoppability' until offender coughs up amount of fine.
She was the kind of dog that gave the impression not so much of speed, as of 'unstoppability' .
Yet staffing levels are by far its biggest single cost, amounting to about 90 per cent of its entire £157 million net budget and increasing 'unstoppably' every year.
For as the American-led Coalition Provisional Authority accelerates, apparently 'unstoppably' , towards a handover of sovereignty in Iraq to a transitional government next summer, a critical question is emerging.
Then it was part of the smooth surge, pumping rhythmically through the interlacing curves of the vascular complex, flowing through steadily widening channels, headed swiftly and 'unstoppably' for the brain.
Flames leapt 'unstoppably' west across Frederick Street and consumed buildings all the way to Trinity Cathedral where, happily, only some turrets suffered scorching.
This issue appears to provide a perfect illustration of the 'unstoppability' of globalisation.
This, combined with the endless paragraph and the often very long sentences, produces a hallucinatory effect, and also one of 'unstoppability' .
It has been sobering, though, contemplating the terrible 'unstoppability' of water.
It is often said to portray the German tanks rolling 'unstoppably' into the city; but by this time Shostakovich was communicating covertly in his music with those who were really listening, and it is more than just that.
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