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an unsuccessful transition period
not successful.
translation of 'unsuccessful'
Equally importantly, the fraction of 'unsuccessful' attempts was reduced fivefold.
After two 'unsuccessful' attempts a doctor would not be able to apply again for restoration.
We have had several 'unsuccessful' attempts in the past and have intercepted all of them successfully.
It follows the Eaglegate building's 'unsuccessful' spell on the lettings market as offices.
Attempts to locate the lorry at Harwich International Port were 'unsuccessful' .
He says attempts to clarify the company's intentions have been 'unsuccessful' .
Will the month-long tour be extended if the American mission is 'unsuccessful' ?
Although the bid was 'unsuccessful' , the event raised the profile of the town.
To discriminate between successful and 'unsuccessful' interventions we need evidence.
That is not restricted to the situation where the claimant is successful or 'unsuccessful' .
Police were called, and made a number of 'unsuccessful' attempts to catch the cow.
Firefighters in Wales left the picket line in an 'unsuccessful' attempt to save a life.
After a few 'unsuccessful' attempts I gave up and started to push it the last ten miles or so.
Even though I ended up dreading every 'unsuccessful' feed, I mourned the final one.
She added it was important the company had plans in other cities, in case Sheffield was 'unsuccessful' .
An 'unsuccessful' attempt had also been made to set fire to the main shop building.
She is not a technical person and it is not surprising that she was 'unsuccessful' in her attempts to do so.
On his first attempt he was 'unsuccessful' , because he couldn't reach the pedals.
One of the group made an 'unsuccessful' attempt to find him before the police were called.
He has already made two 'unsuccessful' attempts at raising finance to fund an expansion programme.
After trying 'unsuccessfully' to free his finger, his parents, Laura and Tony, called the fire brigade.
This could be attributed to many issues, one being the 'unsuccessfulness' of the state to have clear-cut plan on how to address the issue of higher education.
It 'unsuccessfully' tried to stop the Ravenscraig development in the Court of Session in Edinburgh last month.
These boys represent the evidence which proves the 'unsuccessfulness' of this treatment.
The Perth MP and MSP claimed the paper tried hard but 'unsuccessfully' to get her to criticise the police.
That made him a folk hero for bold investments intended, 'unsuccessfully' , to give the club European success.
Higher education institutions in Leeds and private companies had 'unsuccessfully' been approached.
Major factors that influence student 'unsuccessfulness' as determined by the results of this study are presented below.
‘I'm loose,’ he said, trying with great 'unsuccessfulness' to float face down.
The level of success that Bellamy brought awareness to the socioeconomic issues of his time period matched the 'unsuccessfulness' of his proposals from being implemented.
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