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I am sure your fears are unwarranted
not justified or authorized.
translation of 'unwarranted'
Some boards of management have been found by the office of the Auditor General to have made 'unwarranted' payments to principals.
The various authorities involved were most thorough, and I consider this attack on them to be quite 'unwarranted' .
It was stated that referees were coming under increasing, 'unwarranted' pressure in recent years.
Not only are the claims made for rave exaggerated and in many cases 'unwarranted' , but they rest on a misunderstanding of history.
The 'unwarranted' use of walkouts and boycotts has blunted their efficacy.
I reiterate to the House that this bill is unnecessary, 'unwarranted' , and dangerous.
Any such individual action would be irresponsible and 'unwarranted' and would serve no useful purpose.
Sophie has a particular contempt for parental angst, for signs of 'unwarranted' doubt or despair among the allegedly mature.
Both sending off's were 'unwarranted' and from the first early bath the Galway man branded his cards all too easy.
It's an 'unwarranted' intrusion into the private lives of people.
Apparently my skepticism about the plausibility of hot tub theft was 'unwarranted' .
For a fortnight after the attacks, it left her too scared to leave her home for fear of 'unwarranted' retribution.
The Consumers Association of Ireland claimed the increases were 'unwarranted' .
Again this is an 'unwarranted' interference in the right of people to be fat, or thin, as they choose.
I'm not saying that Catwoman is perfect, but all the negative hype surrounding it is 'unwarranted' .
The rule protects against the 'unwarranted' harassment of the accused by multiple prosecutions.
Perhaps this serves as another example of an overestimated threat leading to 'unwarranted' action.
Once their case is in federal court, they can argue that the subpoenas were 'unwarranted' .
Fortunately the herd escaped unscathed after this 'unwarranted' intrusion.
Closing lottery outlets is unfair to the players, unfair to the shopkeepers and financially 'unwarranted' .
Indian media hype over Basit unwarranted, says Pakistan
Bill on triple talaq unwarranted, politically motivated: CPI-M
India slams USCIRF comments on CAB as 'unwarranted'
Unwarranted: JNU VC reacts to defaced Savarkar signage
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