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she fixed him with an unwavering stare
steady or resolute; not wavering.
translation of 'unwavering'
She carries absolute and 'unwavering' support as a DA leader from the liberals in her own province.
He is considered knowledgeable, 'unwavering' in convictions and committed to the law.
Her return to health is a testament to her 'unwavering' resolve and will to live.
The laughter would fuse into worry as she realized I was 'unwavering' in my inexorable demands.
At election times, they were always having a go at him and ribbing him about his 'unwavering' support for me.
His 'unwavering' stare was causing an unwanted reaction in my stomach.
I could not have led the life I had, were it not for her 'unwavering' support.
I'm lucky that I've had 'unwavering' support on this from my parents, my friends, and my advisors.
The mayor picked him over career police executives for his 'unwavering' political loyalty and subservience.
He said the key to success was the unity of beet growers and the 'unwavering' support of other farmers.
She smiled at him and later looked away, abashed, at his 'unwavering' stare.
Her face was firm, 'unwavering' , jaw set and strong as the nature of William's grin changed.
We managed to give him a decent funeral only because of the 'unwavering' support of our true and financial capable friends.
He told me all along he would be the champion miler of the world with 'unwavering' optimism and I would say we are three-quarters of the way there now.
He has seen Susan through the darkest of times, been an 'unwavering' , solid support for her and their children.
Now many say their country has turned its back on the Taliban after pledging its 'unwavering' support for the US.
Even with 'unwavering' support from communities, most clubs are in dire straits.
An 'unwavering' sense of purpose, or destiny, motivates many impostors, and even exposure rarely lessens this desire.
With 'unwavering' resolve we support plurality, egalitarianism, and the political process.
You've got to just hold steady and steadfast and 'unwavering' in certain situations.
Within his own country, he has been 'unwaveringly' à la page.
Years ago I used to drink with a chap, sensible in most respects, who was 'unwaveringly' certain of the existence of advanced alien races.
Having been at SFU longer than I care to disclose, I can 'unwaveringly' state that this period of The Peak's history is really a black spot on its reputation.
He said some of these ‘compromise some important principles to which I adhere 'unwaveringly' .’
I have known people that have had their futures mapped out forever and have proceeded 'unwaveringly' towards their goals.
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