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तैयार नहीं
he was unwilling to take on that responsibility
not ready, eager, or prepared to do something.
translation of 'unwilling'
Maybe these people are just happy to be where they are, and 'unwilling' to sell at any price.
She fought him grimly, watched by other motorists 'unwilling' to help, and then the man let go and ran.
Funny how the group seemed 'unwilling' to take questions on a press release they had prepared.
Governments seem to be 'unwilling' to use any but the most primitive strategies.
Though they can't see clearly, most children are 'unwilling' to let others know it.
They are 'unwilling' to accept a role for Congress in deciding how much aid money to spend.
According to Shanghai Youth Daily, most affluent locals are 'unwilling' to be listed.
Some have disabilities which the parents are unable or 'unwilling' to cope with.
Not coincidentally, those people are also usually 'unwilling' to pay a fair rate.
People were either afraid or just plain 'unwilling' to give sufficient evidence.
Some will be risk averse, others close to retirement and 'unwilling' to jeopardise their futures.
He is 'unwilling' to use the same pattern twice, because each customer wants his or her tattoo to be unique.
On this day the audience sat quietly when the second dance ended, as if quite 'unwilling' to break the mood.
She cast herself as cautious, well prepared and 'unwilling' to compromise her safety.
It has signaled that it is essentially 'unwilling' to grant its demands and is prepared for a long struggle.
If you are 'unwilling' to go back to the city at night, you can easily find a farmer willing to provide a room for a very low charge.
The bull trade was slow as evident in all bull sales as farmers are 'unwilling' to buy bulls at this time of year.
Telecom has been unable or 'unwilling' to make JetStream attractive to many of us.
Government wants a search and rescue system in place but is 'unwilling' to pay.
A bigger obstacle to hurling progress is the number of players 'unwilling' to commit to the cause.
Those who dislike it do so for its stubborn 'unwillingness' to judge the two young gunmen.
If you've ever worked in London for any length of time, then ended up 'unwillingly' working elsewhere, you might understand my excitement.
The second reveals an 'unwillingness' to face the commercial realities of the marketplace.
Around the next bend we slid 'unwillingly' into another tunnel - long, and black as blindness.
I can't remember which one he 'unwillingly' selected, and I don't care.
Yet it is these very same people who have buried the community centre through their 'unwillingness' to lift a finger to help out.
The federal government's 'unwillingness' to take action has left it up to states.
There are frequent complaints about 'unwillingness' to work, lack of entrepreneurialism and aversion to risk.
Some voters came willingly, some 'unwillingly' ; a major chunk kept away because of a boycott call by separatists.
The political landscape is changing in a way which forces the party, even if 'unwillingly' , to re-evaluate its identity.
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