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A corridor along the room on one side has ventilators opening onto the drain.
an appliance or aperture for ventilating a room or other space.
Patients were screened daily using published guidelines for ability to wean from the mechanical ventilator .
an appliance for artificial respiration; a respirator.
translation of 'ventilator '
Fifteen have been so ill they have required 'ventilator' support to stay alive.
Therefore, the correct 'ventilator' setting should theoretically be tested during a formal sleep study.
Patients were screened daily using published guidelines for ability to wean from the mechanical 'ventilator' .
The indoor air circulates through the core of the heat recovery 'ventilator' along with cold, fresh, outdoor air.
Firemen used a positive pressure 'ventilator' to force out the smoke.
Plenty of light enters through empty portholes on both sides of the engine room and 'ventilator' hatches in the roof.
A smart bomb found its way down the 'ventilator' shaft of the shelter.
Frequent communication with his family revealed that he desired to have 'ventilator' support withdrawn.
Ventilation was provided by a high-frequency jet 'ventilator' through a cannula attached to the proximal port of the rigid bronchoscope.
Inlet chamber temperature was influenced by ambient air temperature and 'ventilator' output temperature.
Six patients reported symptomatic improvement, including three who were weaned off the mechanical 'ventilator' .
This is a model beehive, and that is a 'ventilator' , for ventilating sewers.
There were 'ventilators' but the portholes had to remain closed.
At one end of the hall, turbine air 'ventilators' have been put up.
The participants going in wore full equipment, including 'ventilators' , and had it checked by their compatriots going in.
So you can see why turbine 'ventilators' should never be covered up in the winter.
Remove the 'ventilators' and put in the storm plates; duct tape over hatches and large port lights.
The much-needed 'ventilators' cost £20,000 each and the band hopes to give the fundraising appeal a real boost.
They occur frequently in Chinese mines, which often lack even rudimentary safety equipment such as 'ventilators' to disperse the gas.
Maybe we should put 'ventilators' in the White House, just in case.
‘Close all doors, windows and 'ventilators' ,’ says the MoD report.
Adjustable ceiling 'ventilators' let you control the airflow, while a window on the fly makes it feel less like you're in the doghouse.
A corridor along the room on one side has 'ventilators' opening onto the drain.
According to program statistics from 2001, 70 per cent of new homes without proper heat recovery 'ventilators' were under-ventilated.
We stratified trials by different high-frequency 'ventilators' and by different ventilatory strategies.
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