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Place bean thread or rice vermicelli noodles in a pot, cover with hot water and allow to stand until tender.
pasta made in long slender threads.
translation of 'vermicelli'
Rice 'vermicelli' noodles add extra interest, and handfuls of herbs make up the necessary greenery.
Also be sure to parch your 'vermicelli' noodles until they are a rich golden brown colour.
You have to take plenty of money if you plan to order the braised lobster with 'vermicelli' which costs 968 yuan per pot.
As I enjoy my 'vermicelli' under the watchful eyes of smiling Buddha, I notice that Wan Ker-sin is swallowing, instead of chewing his food.
Chaariya are short thin noodles, similar to 'vermicelli' .
Cook the 'vermicelli' according to package instructions.
Add your soy sauce until the 'vermicelli' and chicken take on a golden chestnut colour.
The puff-and-serve chapattis, high-protein biscuits and 'vermicelli' kheer are doing well at the retail market place, thank you.
Place approximately 1/4 cup of 'vermicelli' over the pork and shrimp.
But it wasn't some slim 'vermicelli' that created his ultimate comeback, but a retake on a terror tale about killer rats.
Put the 'vermicelli' into warm water and soften it.
Islands of tender beef brisket float among rice 'vermicelli' in a delicate lemongrass broth flavored with scallion, cilantro and onion.
Onam is the season for banana chips, pappadams and 'vermicelli' .
There's also fried rice, 'vermicelli' and meal-in-a-bowl soups that can be had with veggies, beef or chicken.
Broader and thicker than the skinny rice 'vermicelli' , it plays a starring role in the ever-popular Pad Thai noodles with egg, prawn and chilli.
Greek cooks sometimes add rice or broken 'vermicelli' noodles to the stock to make it more substantial.
Gently break the 'vermicelli' into smaller pieces.
Place bean thread or rice 'vermicelli' noodles in a pot, cover with hot water and allow to stand until tender.
Steep the rice 'vermicelli' noodles in boiling hot water for five minutes, remove, strain and set aside.
He dropped them into a cast-iron skillet with olive oil and garlic, doused them with sherry and butter, and gussied them up with 'vermicelli' .
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