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a versatile sewing machine
able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.
changeable; inconstant.
translation of 'versatile'
बहुमुखी प्रतिभावान्
अनेक गुणों का,
तरह तरह का,
Sarod seems a more 'versatile' instrument adapting itself to every and any kind of raga when the brothers play it.
The company recognizes the need for hybrid extrudables with unitary construction to function in 'versatile' , custom configurations.
These 'versatile' molecules function as catalysts in the hydrogen peroxide bleaching process.
Despite large scale poaching, the 'versatile' cat adapts well to a changing environment, as can be seen in its growing population.
Here are just ten uses to which you could put this highly 'versatile' software.
They're 'versatile' everyday working tools that are large and rugged enough for any task.
Chardonnay and to a slightly lesser extent Syrah, for example, are extremely 'versatile' .
‘They're 'versatile' , they're tasty and they're good for you,’ she said.
Who knew stretchy fabric could be so 'versatile' ?
And when content creation and experience matters, the personal computer remains a remarkably 'versatile' tool.
The plant's flexibility in product selection makes it 'versatile' enough for many different types of contractors.
There are accessories and battery options available to make them even more 'versatile' .
The porch plan is 'versatile' enough to be altered to almost any size ranging from eight to 10 feet wide and from 12 to 24 feet long.
Professional armies were expected to be 'versatile' enough to adapt as needed to the enemies they faced.
But here's the catch: this amazingly 'versatile' and femme fatale dress costs $150.
His musical instrument is 'versatile' enough for most melodies.
But they are a ride like no other and are 'versatile' enough to be both a novice's toy and a skater's challenge.
Automating backups is a simple matter using the straightforward and 'versatile' tools provided.
A highly 'versatile' property that has been sympathetically restored and upgraded to exacting standards.
Soup is 'versatile' enough to be eaten at every meal.
Could the paper copies of a play be read 'versatilely' ?
Agiecut Progress 2 is the most 'versatilely' employable machine tool for our application requirement.
Ferguson has demanded this 'versatilely' from his players before.
Human beings have the potential to develop many skills, a 'versatility' far greater than that of any other animal.
It is this 'versatility' of the master that those who have gathered at the Changampuzha Park expect to learn.
It is a measure of the 'versatility' and unique ability of the Dublin panel that the same players played in both games.
It also provides three-tier analysis structure to 'versatilely' anatomize flow, packets and payload.
Hicks also played the gravedigger and one of the travelling actors in the play within a play, with skilful 'versatility' .
The Center disseminates the high-quality geologic and geoscientific information to the public 'versatilely' and effectively in the following means.
The cast were outstanding, showing their dramatic 'versatility' and prowess at every opportunity.
A versatile Tamil writer profiles Gemini Studios (Book Review)
B-Town celebs wish 'versatile' actor Rishi Kapoor on 65th birthday
There's always been an attempt to be versatile: Diana Penty
Bollywood wishes 'versatile' Akshay Kumar on 51st birthday
I'm not versatile at all: Tiger Shroff
Buttler one of the most versatile, best ODI players at present: Stokes
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