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वीडियो टेप
his arrest was videotaped
make a video recording of (an event or broadcast).
The images and sound from videotape are hugely inferior to DVD.
magnetic tape for recording and reproducing visual images and sound.
translation of 'videotape'
वीडियो टेप
The first step would be to transfer images shot on 'videotape' on to film tape.
But no, here I am in a dark room with a video machine and 'videotape' .
The images were selected from continuous 'videotape' recordings.
Here's the 'videotape' of what the president had to say.
They actually look at that videotape, that raw 'videotape' and talk about it in a more in-depth way.
You know, creepy images on 'videotape' and icky looking kids lurking in the back blackness of the frame.
A Defence Department spokesman confirmed the 'videotape' was filmed by members of the Mexican Air Force.
Apparently it didn't matter whether the image on the screen was from 'videotape' , or live.
If there are eight 'videotape' machines with four channels of audio, that's 32 channels to record.
After all, the Beta vs. VHS 'videotape' war wasn't so long ago.
The cephalad-axial velocities of the individual disks were recorded on 'videotape' from a portable image intensifier unit.
The whole experiment was recorded on an S-VHS 'videotape' for postanalysis.
The 12-part series, available on 'videotape' or DVD, addresses the issues that everyone's talking about.
The final formats produced are on VHS 'videotape' and DVD.
All studies were recorded on a 'videotape' and were interpreted independently by two experienced observers.
New Orleans beating: does the 'videotape' tell the whole story?
Thus, his memory of Lisa is mediated by this black-and-white 'videotape' recording which includes significantly the off-screen presence of Christina.
It looked like he was outside at the time the 'videotape' was filmed.
A lot of people saw the 'videotape' - actually I think we're looking at it here where she's in the police car and she's in handcuffs.
The campaign 'videotape' includes covert recordings of animals in the immediate and early-postoperative periods.
In fluoroscopy, a moving picture of the body is seen as the test is performed and is recorded on 'videotape' or as still images.
Many Southern productions have been lost, and the videotapes re-used, as was customary in those days of very expensive blank 'videotape' on big open reel machines.
Grab a camcorder, and 'videotape' birthday wishes ahead of time from each guest.
The standard supports video coding with quality roughly equivalent to VHS 'videotape' .
The 'videotape' only shows you a tunnel-vision view of a particular scene.
Students devised a scenario for a new horror film, on the basis of which they then produced a video cover and an opening sequence of still images dubbed onto 'videotape' with a soundtrack.
After viewing the 'videotape' , how long before you die in ‘The Ring’?
We watched the 'videotape' of the performance again and again, and around five in the morning I drove the band back up to the Paramount and dropped them off.
'videotape' machines
Their guesses were recorded on the 'videotape' before they picked up the phone.
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