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hospital staff were vindicated by the inquest verdict
clear (someone) of blame or suspicion.
translation of 'vindicating'
साबित कर देना,
साबित करना
But rather than 'vindicating' the staff I think this is more damning.
But they have been as concerned with 'vindicating' the legitimacy of moral practice and argument as with anything else.
Until now welfare reform has proved all its critics wrong and more than 'vindicated' its supporters.
All in all it was a great return for Roy and totally 'vindicated' Brian Kerr's determination to get him back in an Irish shirt.
The smartest way to steal their thunder - and 'vindicate' the event - was to highlight an alternative agenda that the protesters cared about.
I really think Wanderers have done themselves proud this season and results 'vindicate' Sam's attitude.
But a judge and jury at York Crown Court has 'vindicated' the officers over their treatment of Wilf Barlow, 40.
It also 'vindicated' her version of events on that tragic day in the Outback.
She feels the achievement 'vindicates' the club's support for the team.
Well, your Honour's view about that was 'vindicated' in the judgment of the Court.
Had he been 'vindicated' in the 1970s, he says he would have made the journey.
After a long legal battle workers were 'vindicated' when an industrial tribunal unanimously decided they had been unfairly dismissed.
The purpose of a libel action is to enable the Plaintiff to clear his name of the libel, to 'vindicate' his character.
The verdict of the Court of Appeal today serves to 'vindicate' her and stands as testimony to the unstinting efforts of those supporting her.
Yet it goes to the credit of the author that she has tried to 'vindicate' him with rare conviction and commitment.
She comes out with an agenda, to 'vindicate' Michael, but not to talk about herself, and I thought that was very telling.
One can assume that not everyone understood, or believed, that the more accurate lab tests 'vindicated' him.
He was 'vindicated' when UBS eventually settled out of court but hesitates when asked how much he won.
The events of yesterday 'vindicated' those who supported the idea of a road to bypass the Bingley bottleneck.
Inherent in Augustine's lifelong concern to 'vindicate' providence was his belief that no pain or loss is undeserved.
Not showing the replays - which would have 'vindicated' the officials instantly - only inflamed the situation.
A final area where progressive economics has been 'vindicated' concerns the dangers of deflation.
Others say they feel their anti-war stance has been 'vindicated' by the events of the last week, although they stress they take no pleasure from it.
Gidney thinks it will 'vindicate' him, his enemies hope it will damn him.
Our approach to training was 'vindicated' by the results achieved when the dogs were formally evaluated.
Representing himself, his argument will be that he has a right to 'vindicate' his person and what he describes as his ‘good name’.
But people need to remember, she's in prison and we're hoping to 'vindicate' her.
Adrian was relieved and elated at the time the police 'vindicated' him and David but that didn't last too long.
My father was eventually 'vindicated' , but not before he had spent months in Brixton prison.
Against my own inclinations, I hope you're 'vindicated' , because I'm fond of the magazine.
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