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The website boasts that ‘Freeness is the now, and tomorrow for future music visionaries .’
a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.
a visionary leader
(especially of a person) thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.
a visionary experience
of, relating to, or able to see visions in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition.
translation of 'visionary'
प्रयोग में न लाने योग्य,
This card asks you to be a 'visionary' - to dream beyond current limitations.
We keep saying that we are 'visionary' world leaders, but our customers, for the most part, aren't buying it.
Pathology and pills don't offer a very 'visionary' route to such imaginings.
Somewhere between 432 and 460 a second 'visionary' dream, in which the Irish people beseeched him to return, ignited his missionary zeal.
You don't have to be a particularly 'visionary' or imaginative person to allow these tracks to generate the almost-hallucinatory feelings (we presume are) intended.
Clearly the last chapters of Wilde's novel are not 'visionary' glimpses of the future.
Shortly after this 'visionary' experience, Hurston describes perhaps the most traumatic moment of her childhood, the death of her mother.
It is not easy to paint a 'visionary' future and also to chart the map that gets you there.
Both by the solitary nature of her 'visionary' experience and by the ecclesiastical condemnation, Joan was an outsider.
‘These hypothetical, 'visionary' schemes will only act to deter tenants from investing in their businesses,’ he said.
One of its founders, Professor Tony Robards, will explain how York's city leaders took bold and 'visionary' steps to create a shared strategic vision, long before recent government initiatives.
One expects them to be capable of imagining another, better future - a Utopian moment, a 'visionary' book.
When I spoke to one of the people behind this project, I was struck by its simplicity and by the 'visionary' future paradigm that it is based on.
Astrobiology, the search for life's origins and its existence elsewhere in the universe, used to seem like a 'visionary' dream.
Hiller's art deals with the transcendental and the 'visionary' , with dreams, trances, hallucinations and altered states of consciousness.
Guymun is well-known for her 'visionary' insights and gifted storytelling.
For like the 'visionary' nun, Claudia dreams extensively about Jesus' life.
Do your students have 'visionary' dreams… which I like to call ‘Eddie Van Halen’ dreams?
And that is why this ebullient, energetic and 'visionary' leader suddenly became mute and reclusive.
The film incorporates graphic dream sequences and 'visionary' effects.
Eventually she must have fallen asleep, but all she remembered was her strange 'visionary' dream.
I marvelled at the imaginative energy of the Martian enterprise, at its 'visionary' and dogged inventiveness.
The too-obvious answer is that clever, creative, 'visionary' people are attracted to either the abstraction of art and literature or the practical innovation of science and technology.
Nor are 'visionary' experiences induced, for example, by hallucinogenic drugs.
Though it may seem disheartening to think that this amazing band was greatly a product of a master plan, try to think of it in terms of them being the product of a great idea, or the dreams of a 'visionary' , because that is closer to the truth.
Nor was it Neal Stephenson, the 'visionary' science fiction writer who imagined a future transformed by nanotechnology in his 1995 novel The Diamond Age.
An early 'visionary' experience aroused his faith in the supremacy of the Lotus Stra, and during his career he wrote two commentaries on it, one a general survey of its meaning, the other a line-by-line exegesis.
These two 'visionary' leaders forged an enduring relationship that has weathered many challenges from the Cold War to the terrorism we face today.
I would be much more comfortable for there to be an inspiring philosophy led by a 'visionary' leader.
The strongest photographs in the show have a mysterious, iconic power that seems to unite a difficult present and a 'visionary' future.
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