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It is almost as expensive to hold, move and warehouse things as to produce them.
store (goods) in a warehouse.
The Council approved an order to accommodate two planning applications seeking to develop a toy store and retail warehousing with car parking at a site on Mercy Road.
the practice or process of storing goods in a warehouse.
translation of 'warehousing'
The company works indirectly with several suppliers that have 'warehousing' in Mexico and will deliver products to the company's customers.
It will have over 10,219 square metres of retail 'warehousing' and 743 square metres of neighbourhood retail space, along with the fast food restaurant, when it is complete.
In addition, Hammerson is making good progress in retail 'warehousing' .
both sites are now used for cargo handing and 'warehousing'
Instead, we are 'warehousing' literally millions of people who rot away, spending 23 or more hours a day in a cage, day after day after day.
The former Waterford Crystal site is zoned for 110,000 square foot of retail 'warehousing' .
It is estimated that the development could provide more than 15,000 square metres of general light industry, including 'warehousing' and offices.
The Korea Region has contractors developing integrated processes that will address 'warehousing' , logistics, and an in- and out-processing system.
Indeed, there are plenty of software programs and accompanying units that can help dairy processors better manage their 'warehousing' and distribution processes.
80,000 square feet of 'warehousing'
Power plant O&M training covers all aspects of power plant activities, including operations, administration, planning, maintenance, and 'warehousing' .
All other auxiliaries are reclassified based on the type of service provided, such as 'warehousing' and storage or data processing.
In late July, the British Columbia government announced it was going to slowly phase out government liquor stores and privatize 'warehousing' and distribution.
Jagroo said there were 40,000 square feet of 'warehousing' space and the factory could be converted to a downstream plant using products produced at Point Lisas.
Councillors agreed to sell the land to Duncan Graham Partnership for 1,151 million for the purpose of erecting retail 'warehousing' with employment potential for 50 jobs.
Too much emphasis is placed on secure institutionalization and 'warehousing' , but not enough attention is paid to education, family empowerment, behavior change, life skills and employment training.
It says planning permission paves the way for it to extend its 17, 500 square metre facility by 4,500 square metres, to provide essential 'warehousing' and to achieve its objective of doubling its turnover.
Companies that specialize in cold storage 'warehousing' have been working on solutions to help dairy processors meet their changing needs.
It is planned the freight would be carried to and from 'warehousing' at the new Slade Green depot on nine half-mile long trains a day.
Restorative Justice Should Be the Goal of the Criminal Justice System: ‘The concept of 'warehousing' people who commit crime is shortsighted,’ Edwards says.
The nation's history of 'warehousing' inmates, mostly African American men, is shameful.
Gossner has also added 40,000 square feet of 'warehousing' space to its UHT plant.
The 'warehousing' and retail arms of the plant, which employ approximately 30 people, will remain open.
When applied to commerce, logistics refers to the moving, handling, 'warehousing' and distribution of goods.
The goal of rehabilitation was long ago replaced with that of 'warehousing' , and now the only real goal is to warehouse cheaply.
The new centre will comprise 150,000 square feet of 'warehousing' , loading bays, offices and associated facilities.
It is all in what's behind all that shopping that matters - the logistics, 'warehousing' and producer goods and services that will ultimately change our world.
It could be opened up and used for 'warehousing' and as a store.
Activities include sourcing and procurement, production scheduling, order processing, inventory management, transportation, 'warehousing' , and customer service.
Previously it has received planning permission for 'warehousing' and industrial uses.
Retail will be growth driver for manufacturing, warehousing: Official
'GST will increase organised warehousing, reduce price'
Warehousing demand grew 44% in 3 years: Knight Frank
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