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The weatherman has predicted mild conditions for today, and sunny weather later this weekend and on Monday.
a man who broadcasts a description and forecast of weather conditions.
translation of 'weatherman'
अंतरिक्ष विद्या का पंडित
Just keep the drinks coming and leave the forecasts to the 'weatherman' .
Early last week the 'weatherman' was warning us of very cold weather to come.
It was clear, despite the 'weatherman' 's forecast for snow that night.
She unloaded the groceries while telling us what the radio 'weatherman' had said about the storm.
The 'weatherman' is forecasting top temperatures of 25°C this weekend.
Don't put away the wellies and the woollies - the 'weatherman' is predicting cold and wet conditions for the Eastern Cape today.
The 'weatherman' has predicted mild conditions for today, and sunny weather later this weekend and on Monday.
A menacingly black sky loomed upon the horizon - the 'weatherman' had forecast a storm.
The major wants to fine the city-funded 'weathermen' when their forecasts turn out to be wrong.
The sun is beating down, but where are the local television reporters frying eggs on the pavement, announcing that ‘the 'weathermen' say there's more good weather to come’.
Gales were forecast for tonight but he never believed the 'weathermen' .
Manchester suffered the wettest August for almost 50 years - but 'weathermen' say conditions will improve in September.
The heatwave is expected to continue into the week, according to 'weathermen' , although the hot weather will be concentrated in the South of England while it will be fresher in the North.
The big freeze will finally come to an end this weekend as warmer weather sweeps the country, 'weathermen' said last night.
But the region's 'weathermen' say predictions of impending blizzard conditions are wide of the mark.
Maximum temperatures today were due to reach seven degrees Celsius and 'weathermen' forecast bright spells for tomorrow.
The 'weathermen' are predicting a break in the weather after tomorrow.
With 'weathermen' forecasting a mix of sun and showers this weekend, he says it will be difficult to predict where the black spots will be.
Tonight all the radio 'weathermen' warned of rain, so I took him out right after supper.
Baffling the meteorologists and 'weathermen' and upsetting the rhythm of life of millions, the Monsoon failed last year despite the predictions of good rain.
The meteorological office and 'weathermen' may or may not agree, but summers have become warmer over the past three to four decades.
Delhi's wait for rains to end on Tuesday, says weatherman
Weatherman warns of heavy rains in Odisha
I'm no weatherman but what I predict happens: Paswan
Brad Pitt turns weatherman for John Krasinski
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