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Blocking my path was a young woman in a wheelchair being pushed by her mother.
a chair fitted with wheels for use as a means of transport by a person who is unable to walk as a result of illness, injury, or disability.
translation of 'wheelchair'
पहियेदार कुर्सी
she is confined to a 'wheelchair'
There is an old lady being pushed in a 'wheelchair' past our car along a bumpy dust-track.
I wouldn't be able to do any of the lifting but pushing a 'wheelchair' around wouldn't be too bad.
Rather than being pushed around in her 'wheelchair' , Amnah can join other children.
When I saw her in my outpatient clinic she could hardly walk and was brought in a 'wheelchair' .
They'd have to hire someone to sit me in a 'wheelchair' and push me around all day.
Blocking my path was a young woman in a 'wheelchair' being pushed by her mother.
'wheelchair' access
The police turned away some of the disabled people in 'wheelchairs' who had also lined up to be arrested.
The amount by which Ryanair said it would raise its ticket prices if forced to provide 'wheelchairs' for disabled passengers.
Those in 'wheelchairs' and the disabled were trapped in the surging crowd.
New trains have special areas for 'wheelchairs' and disabled toilets.
The buses have low floors and are able to easily carry pushchairs, 'wheelchairs' and bikes.
We hardly get any young volunteers and now we're older we can't push the 'wheelchairs' .
The charity provides general and sports 'wheelchairs' for disabled children and young people.
All floors are accessible by wheelchair and prams and 'wheelchairs' are available on request
The bus needs to be suitable for 'wheelchairs' and disabled people.
People in 'wheelchairs' have difficulty being pushed round the clothes stores because the displays are so close together.
All the cash raised will go to Whizz Kidz, a charity that provides 'wheelchairs' for disabled children.
Previously, 'wheelchairs' could simply be pushed across the wooden crossings.
She says he then lectured them about disability and said the 'wheelchairs' are for disabled people only.
So it is a fairly common injury that athletes who push 'wheelchairs' often sustain, on a chronic basis.
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