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the audience cheered and whistled
emit a clear, high-pitched sound by forcing breath through a small hole between one's lips or teeth.
you can go home and whistle for your wages
wish for or expect (something) in vain.
As was expected, his special appearance was greeted with whistles and applause that reverberated through the night.
a clear, high-pitched sound made by forcing breath through a small hole between partly closed lips, or between one's teeth.
translation of 'whistle'
सीटी बजाना
Instantly the whole hill became spotted with white puffs of smoke, and bullets began to 'whistle' through our little grove.
She was out by the playground when the 'whistle' blew, signaling the end of lunch recess.
An appreciative 'whistle' echoed up from his sister, Grace.
But the final 'whistle' was greeted with roars of joy mixed with relief from the Holte End as the score from the Stadium Of Light filtered through.
For example, on one occasion he embarked on the story of his first marriage and ended up telling me how he likes to 'whistle' tunes in the street.
He got his first musical instrument - a 'whistle' , at the age of seven from a neighbour, Bernie Marren.
All the boys holler and 'whistle' and most of the girls blush.
you can go home and 'whistle' for your wages
The most natural way to express joy is to 'whistle' a happy tune.
Brian Foste's well struck shot to goalie Tom Nolan's left was greeted by cheers by the home supporters and less than a minute later the final 'whistle' sounded.
He put his fingers to his mouth and gave a loud 'whistle' to signal his men.
And I don't think many people know of another trait of this many-faceted genius: that he could 'whistle' beautifully.
The train 'whistle' blew twice, signaling that the two o'clock train was going to pull out of the station.
One of the huge stained-glass windows on the north side of the building had been removed, allowing a bitterly cold wind to 'whistle' around the building.
As the referee's 'whistle' sounded to signal the foul, Mark crashed hard, landing awkwardly on his left ankle.
She was about to explain, when a high-pitched 'whistle' from somewhere in the middle of the soldiers sounded.
‘The wind used to 'whistle' through the door but not any longer,’ said Mr Ellis, who has lived in the house for 15 years.
The Tramore defence was unyielding, however, and the final 'whistle' sounded as Richard Hickey cleared the ball to midfield.
Behind them, the man in the cowboy hat let out a 'whistle' and they stopped.
The ground cleared in a flash when the 'whistle' sounded for half time
Ten minutes later the gym teacher, Mr. Johnson, huffed into his 'whistle' signaling the end of the class.
the 'whistle' of the boiling kettle
the kettle began to 'whistle'
Following Cullen's goal, Padraig Kenny fired over three quick points before the final 'whistle' sounded for a stunned Gortletteragh.
To my surprise I could 'whistle' the entire guitar solo - it's been locked in my brain all these years, waiting.
the kettle began to 'whistle'
Shortly after, Bernard Duff sounded the final 'whistle' .
the referee did not 'whistle' for a foul
you can go home and 'whistle' for your wages
Ungainly but smooth, this theme gives the audience something to 'whistle' on the way home.
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