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slowly Ruth withdrew her hand from his
remove or take away (something) from a particular place or position.
Allied forces withdrew from Norway in 1941
leave or come back from a place, especially a war zone.
translation of 'withdraw'
रुपया निकालना,
वापस लेना,
से अलग हो जाना,
पीछे लौटना,
प्रत्याहृत करना
Management had threatened to 'withdraw' the offer if the workers had not accepted it by August 11.
normally you can 'withdraw' up to £50 in cash
If the withdrawal problems you get from the drug are so severe that you cannot easily 'withdraw' , then you're going to be physically dependent on the drug.
normally you can 'withdraw' up to $50 in cash
One party, whose members believe Britain should 'withdraw' from the EU, is expected to make huge gains.
to 'withdraw' into yourself
for the cocaine user, it is possible to 'withdraw' without medication
We call on you to immediately 'withdraw' your cruel and defamatory statements made against our client.
It ended with Thomas Mesereau smiling and saying, your honor, we 'withdraw' that motion.
the party threatened to 'withdraw' its support for the government
Witnesses in criminal proceedings against these people are being intimidated, so they do not make any statements or 'withdraw' those already made.
The ‘Good Samaritans’ had helped him 'withdraw' from heroin and given him financial help.
both countries agreed to 'withdraw' their troops
You will 'withdraw' that statement!
Are you worried that the U.S. military may have to 'withdraw' some of those forces in order to deal with Iraq?
both countries agreed to 'withdraw' their troops
to 'withdraw' funding for sth
to 'withdraw' from a place
To avoid the pain of possible rejection, they simply 'withdraw' from human contact and retreat behind a wall of isolation that they erect to keep people away.
he failed to 'withdraw' his remarks and apologize
The government has agreed to 'withdraw' some of its forces following the handover of weapons.
Party members pressured Essis to 'withdraw' from the race, but he refused to do so.
The perception of poor teamwork by one team member, whether actual or perceived, is enough to change the dynamics within that team, causing that team member to 'withdraw' .
to 'withdraw' from a drug
Some children with autism 'withdraw' from physical contact with other people and do not make eye contact.
Counsellor McCarthy said he was not sure what remarks he had been asked to withdraw and that he was not prepared to 'withdraw' any remarks he had made in any event.
Instead, they are made aware of the seriousness of their offences, while also being offered help to 'withdraw' from drugs at an early stage.
In order to be put back on the straight again, he has to be incarcerated to hopefully be able to 'withdraw' from the addiction.
Some people have said it's easier to 'withdraw' from heroin than to kick the tobacco habit.
the party threatened to 'withdraw' its support for the government
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