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वापस लिया
slowly Ruth withdrew her hand from his
remove or take away (something) from a particular place or position.
Allied forces withdrew from Norway in 1941
leave or come back from a place, especially a war zone.
a disorder characterized by withdrawn and fearful behavior
not wanting to communicate with other people.
translation of 'withdrawn'
Patients described as upbeat and sociable or strong and courageous were more likely to be admitted than patients described as sad and 'withdrawn' or anxious and discouraged.
He's become so 'withdrawn' and distant that he feels like a stranger.
Still, the closeted personality of the man was a direct outgrowth of the 'withdrawn' boy.
"He just got more and more 'withdrawn' , " says Seaton.
Conall had become more 'withdrawn' and distant, and she had been at school for nine years.
Wilner saw him changed by the hunger strike from a happy, outgoing, strongly pro-American young man to a 'withdrawn' , cadaverous, weak figure.
While he was there she died and after that he became very 'withdrawn' .
While his peers were busy making mischief and thinking about the opposite sex, he became 'withdrawn' .
He also says that the Claimant became 'withdrawn' and anti-social.
Like children with autism, as the monkeys grew, they became increasingly 'withdrawn' and avoided social contact.
He became extremely 'withdrawn' and after working with computers all day would spend his nights alone with the one he had at home.
Neglected children may be very 'withdrawn' or very aggressive, and can develop health problems or have difficulty coping in school.
He was a normal child, if rather 'withdrawn' , who, from his early teens, was powerfully attracted to orthodox Islam.
My selfish desires had led me into betraying this 'withdrawn' and deeply religious family.
If he lost or played badly, he would become so 'withdrawn' and quiet that his parents worried a great deal about him.
At times she became profoundly 'withdrawn' and totally uncommunicative; at other times she was wildly excited, violent, and destructive.
When we went back to the barn the reticent band of 'withdrawn' British people had become excited and chatty.
The child becomes 'withdrawn' or aggressive, a major swing from what they were previously.
He remained quiet and seemed 'withdrawn' into his shell.
She was quiet and 'withdrawn' from a lot of people.
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