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she was on the very brink of womanhood
the state or condition of being a woman.
translation of 'womanhood'
स्त्री जाति,
स्त्री स्वभाव
Yet while she recognizes the limiting conditions of constructed 'womanhood' , Brittain refuses to accept them.
Also, I think you're assuming that Wittig and other lesbians/feminists want to ‘liberate’ a true, natural 'womanhood' from cultural baggage etc.
The sit-in was therefore rife with just the sorts of contradictions which communists identified with proletarian 'womanhood' , and women became obvious and crucial actors in its realization.
By the time the duo meet years later, however, Kajol has mutated into the quintessential image of traditional 'womanhood' , perpetually clothed in chiffon saris and polite diffidence.
I don't think it tells us about deep underlying trends or revisions to ideals of 'womanhood' .
And did Berry baring her torso in Swordfish provide the wholesome image of black 'womanhood' that the NAACP says it wants to promote?
This characterisation is problematic, as here Mehta is reinforcing the stereotype of docile, demure, and pristine femininity as the ideal form of South Asian 'womanhood' .
She tells a story of childhood and young 'womanhood' , simultaneously mulling over what's become of her by the 1990s.
All through his sermons Topsell tries to portray Naomi and Ruth as symbols of ideal 'womanhood' who are guilty of no moral or religious offense.
Central to the idea of Mother Teresa is this idea of 'womanhood' , of the feminine, of selflessness, calling and sacrifice.
The sources girls turn to most often, such as teen magazines, offer them a very limited view of what comprises femininity and 'womanhood' .
On the other hand, 'womanhood' is associated with the characteristics of being sensible, tender, nurturing and caring.
It depicts the strength and courage of Indian 'womanhood' .
Whether or not these methods were flawed matters not; what is important is that ideal 'womanhood' was, in part, physical.
Mary was cultivated as an ideal of 'womanhood'
And in any case, polyandry is certainly not the ideal for Indian 'womanhood' .
True 'womanhood' emphasized the qualities of piety, purity, maternity, submissiveness, virtue, and domesticity.
While the artist continues to look into the beauty of 'womanhood' in all its femininity and grace through this technique, the watercolours reflect his old passion for architectural forms.
she was on the very brink of 'womanhood'
Women responded positively to this new ideal, for it endowed motherhood, and thus 'womanhood' , with a new sense of dignity and purpose.
These comments reveal the contested space within the very image of modern 'womanhood' in the 1920s: was it ‘wild’ to dance, play bridge and go to the theater?
When Ting returns to the fight club, he's obliged to defend the honour of Thai 'womanhood' from a shaggy Australian behemoth.
Stoker wanted us to be revolted by the sexualizing of pure English 'womanhood' , to see their corruption as striking at the foundation of English life and, by extension, civilized society.
Motherhood is a powerful metaphor because it is central to esteemed ideals of 'womanhood' , particularly among Latinos.
Rachel and Samson fight over their guests, leaving Samson to ponder the complexities of 'womanhood' that he does not understand.
They are relics from the past, certainly, but a past ideal of Indian 'womanhood' that impinges all too easily on India's troubled present and has serious repercussions for India's future.
Graves's goal was to promote model 'womanhood' for young women by writing about ideal types.
From its inception, the genteel performance was connected with ideologies of gender, particularly the ideal of true 'womanhood' .
Within America itself, strong female characters emerge from and repudiate the caricatures of 'womanhood' that populate the narrative.
Poverty pins them between traditional ideals of Italian 'womanhood' and the claims of urban workplaces.
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