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These wordsmiths include poets, novelists, literary critics, newspaper and magazine journalists, and many professors.
a skilled user of words.
After all, being the skilled 'wordsmith' that he is, I've no doubt Andrew will be able to convey the sound of the ocean through the written word.
No less a 'wordsmith' than Elizabeth Bishop reported that she had had to look up six words in Craft's Chronicle.
Milton, who worked as a film critic as well as an agency copywriter, was a 'wordsmith' .
She was a prosperous merchant and creative free spirit, a poet and a 'wordsmith' .
This happens to be precisely what exalts a 'wordsmith' like James Joyce.
Finding the right 'wordsmith' editor begins with screening applicants with various writing and editing backgrounds.
Also, one does not necessarily have to be critical or a 'wordsmith' to be a good designer; I doubt the same is true if one wants to be a good critic.
He is a 'wordsmith' , a poet, and yet language fails him; through her singing she is able to transmit meaning and emotion.
A speech writer is a 'wordsmith' extraordinaire and will work each word and phrase to maximum advantage.
But then, as academics and 'wordsmiths' we always come back to either spoken or written words to convey what we experience deeply.
Composers, linguists, 'wordsmiths' , poets, and all those in a creative sphere are all in their own way pursuing happiness and fulfillment.
While journalists generally consider themselves 'wordsmiths' , working with numbers has become an inescapable part of their profession.
All you journalists and 'wordsmiths' out there, it's time to pitch in.
The importance of words is a conceit of 'wordsmiths' , certainly.
Inventive 'wordsmiths' and puzzlists have come up with all sorts of words, sentences, and even paragraphs that have this property.
Every newspaper employs 'wordsmiths' in the newsroom to rewrite breaking news collected by reporters in the field.
This occurs, in part, because prominent writers and 'wordsmiths' appropriate the phrases and repeat them in columns, interviews, and the like, typically without attribution.
These 'wordsmiths' include poets, novelists, literary critics, newspaper and magazine journalists, and many professors.
No doubt some 'wordsmiths' are busy scribbling for Monday's edition on how we had this coming.
I love listening to sermons, I really admire people who are 'wordsmiths' who can craft words in a way that holds people's attention.
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