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गलत तरीके से
he is suing the police for wrongful arrest
(of an act) not fair, just, or legal.
translation of 'wrongful'
First, compensation can only be appropriate where the damage has been caused by the 'wrongful' act.
The claimant brought an action for 'wrongful' arrest and false imprisonment.
Is it not the common law that a citizen is entitled to use self-defence in the case of 'wrongful' arrest?
She was released without charge, and sought damages for 'wrongful' arrest and false imprisonment.
Rather this issue would lie at the very heart of the claim for 'wrongful' , as opposed to unfair, dismissal.
On each, the defendant had urged that he take legal advice in connection with his complaint of 'wrongful' eviction.
The plaintiff's case was for 'wrongful' arrest upon a breach of peace.
It used to be impossible to prove that the legal system produces 'wrongful' convictions.
It is clear law that tax paid after a 'wrongful' demand may be recovered back by the taxpayer.
He also claimed damages for 'wrongful' dismissal, mental distress and punitive damages.
The cause of action against the police was malicious prosecution and 'wrongful' imprisonment.
In the passage cited above he referred to the defendant's asking the court to sanction his committing a 'wrongful' act.
Not all 'wrongful' acts are criminal, and not all acts which are not criminal are innocent.
It is sufficient that the defendant knew all the facts which made it 'wrongful' for him to participate in the way in which he did.
Similarly, and underpayment of salary in lieu of notice would constitute a 'wrongful' termination and have the same effect.
As a result, the defendants deny that the plaintiff is entitled to damages for 'wrongful' dismissal.
In addition, the persuasion of the employees to leave was pleaded as 'wrongful' inducement of breach of contract.
I can understand how 'wrongful' reception or rejection of evidence can affect a verdict.
Such behavior is cruel and 'wrongful' according not only to the law, but to common sense.
In all cases the primary question is one of fact: did the 'wrongful' act cause the injury?
No attempt is made to assert that the conduct or omission reaches a sufficient level of 'wrongfulness' to warrant the intervention of a criminal court and the imposition of a criminal sanction.
The defendant's capacity to appreciate the 'wrongfulness' of his or her conduct, or to conform his or her conduct to the requirements of the law, was significantly impaired.
The plaintiff claims that the defendant 'wrongfully' terminated the lease thereby breaching the lease.
The public prosecutor stated they were 'wrongfully' arrested and he could not take the case to court.
This balance represents the liability of the various defendants and third parties for 'wrongfully' assisting in the breach of trust.
In other words, we are going to get into the circumstances of the rightfulness or 'wrongfulness' of the gentleman's removal from this country in the first place.
It was also contended that the claimant was 'wrongfully' dismissed, having resigned in response to the breach of contract alleged.
If evidence was brought which proved that the child had reached a stage of development whereby he understood the 'wrongfulness' of his act, he would be convicted.
It was well planned and premeditated and he had time to reflect on the 'wrongfulness' of his actions and mend his ways.
He alleged that his insurer had 'wrongfully' denied him disability payments under his policy.
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