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विदेशी लोगों को न पसन्द करना
If categorization and bias come so easily, are people doomed to xenophobia and racism?
intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.
translation of 'xenophobia'
विदेशियों के प्रति विकर्षण या घृणा
विदेशी लोगों को न पसन्द करना
The first step has to be the main parties working together to present a united front against racism, 'xenophobia' and the politics of disunity.
In these elections it advocates an extreme rightwing programme, reeking of nationalism and 'xenophobia' .
There is nothing amusing about snobbery, racism, bigotry, misogyny and 'xenophobia' .
Unlike the more politicized phobias, 'xenophobia' and classism often go unchecked.
Hitler used those games to fan 'xenophobia' and nationalism, leading ultimately to world war.
You expect abusive behaviour, you expect 'xenophobia' , homophobia, racism.
racism and 'xenophobia' are steadily growing in Europe
The horror film is generally about 'xenophobia' , the fear of the unknown.
Such rhetoric and policies can only be regarded by the extremist right as giving approval to their own 'xenophobia' and racism.
If there are further terrorist acts then irrational 'xenophobia' will be the only means of expression available.
Acts of racism, homophobia, 'xenophobia' or just plain discrimination happen all the time.
If categorization and bias come so easily, are people doomed to 'xenophobia' and racism?
How low has this country fallen in that it now embraces the fears and 'xenophobia' of right wing shock jocks.
At worst, it may see the world racked by explosions of racialism, 'xenophobia' and ultra-nationalism.
Religious or racial prejudice and 'xenophobia' are not likely to go away as long as human nature is what it is.
Unfortunately, countering 'xenophobia' and racism requires leadership from the government.
Well, I guess there is a fair bit of fear, 'xenophobia' and insecurity huddled away there somewhere too.
We are suggesting that nationalist 'xenophobia' is precisely a function of that which purports to bring us all together.
Britain, my country of origin, appears to be infected by such selective 'xenophobia' .
Those who discriminate suffer with 'xenophobia' : fear and hatred of strangers or people of foreign origin.
National and cultural identities are mixed; xenophobia and rage mirror 'xenophobia' and rage.
Luckily, the state's 'xenophobic' legislation doesn't apply to me, a private citizen.
Or how about Medea as an evil foreigner confirming the 'xenophobic' prejudices of an early Greek democracy?
The statement is rife with racist, anti-Semitic, 'xenophobic' and homophobic comments.
The Republican Party no doubt will continue to metastasize into an unholy alliance of Christian authoritarians and nationalist 'xenophobes' .
Instead of debating their fellow adult Australians the elites call them rednecks, racists and 'xenophobes' , etc.
There is nothing biased or discriminatory or even vaguely 'xenophobic' about this.
There are elements in our society that are intolerant and 'xenophobic' .
Not many of us will admit to having strong racist or 'xenophobic' biases.
For socialists to seek to break up the EU would be to take the side of some of the most reactionary forces in Europe today - neo-fascists, 'xenophobes' and narrow nationalists, not to mention Iain Duncan Smith's Conservatives.
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