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Boucheron won the day, and will be auctioning an exquisite brooch of diamonds , rock crystal, topaz and emeralds, with the cash donated to the new foundation.
a precious stone consisting of a clear and typically colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance.
decorative diamond shapes
a figure with four straight sides of equal length forming two opposite acute angles and two opposite obtuse angles; a rhombus.
translation of 'diamond'
His grey polyester slacks have white 'diamond' shape imprints from leaning against the dusty fence.
Field of Dreams tells the story of a baseball 'diamond' created in a cornfield by Ray Kinsella.
She was wearing a black pants suit and heels, with two 'diamond' stud earrings.
Long-term prospects are overshadowed by the prospects of a leveling off in 'diamond' mining production.
Eriksson's midfield 'diamond' formation did not sparkle against Japan, with Frank Lampard looking unsuited to the holding role.
She looked overhead and noticed on top of the clock tower, a giant crystal, not as round or red as the one the ship, but a triangular blue 'diamond' shape.
a sweater with a pale-blue 'diamond' pattern
It was my home on the baseball 'diamond' for 12 years, until my high school coach put me on the mound as a junior and made me a pitcher-outfielder my senior year.
Like Thome, Butler is going to make the slide across the 'diamond' to first base.
DeJesus can do just about everything on the baseball 'diamond' , and even showed a power spike in the Arizona Fall League.
she led a losing 'diamond'
Along with his pluses on the baseball 'diamond' , Matsui is sure to be a positive from a business perspective.
We, like everyone else, have come to expect the extraordinary from Garciaparra on a baseball 'diamond' .
A ForceFlex bag looks a bit like an overgrown paper towel, with row upon row of embossed 'diamond' shapes.
Enter ABC skate shop and the baseball 'diamond' at Tompkin's Square.
The dozen or so who comprise the film crew rush around on the baseball 'diamond' getting ready for the commercial they are about to shoot.
If the led card is the 6, you may play any card you wish, being void in the 'diamond' suit and thus unable to follow it.
Fred's a 'diamond'
While in Boston he teamed up with Johnny Sain, another pitcher, and the two became one of the greatest duos ever to grace a baseball 'diamond' .
Score the inner side in a 'diamond' pattern with the tip of a small, sharp knife and then cut into 5cm / 2inch squares.
Regardless of the suit a joker played u2018highu2019 will defeat any 'diamond' .
In a common hardness test, a pyramid-shaped 'diamond' tool is pressed into a material, as in this gold sample.
Industry sources warn that 'diamond' and precious stone scams are plentiful and ever-changing.
Holes were drilled in a 'diamond' pattern every 12 to 15 inches.
I agree with the idea of having each one of the four buttons on the gamepad correspond to their respective bases on the baseball 'diamond' .
Walking over from his position at third base, Foy crossed the field toward the first base side of the 'diamond' and delivered his own message to Tillotson.
On our way out of the park again though we saw a cordoned off area of the park, with yellow and black striped tape tied between four trees in a 'diamond' configuration.
They are normally used as industrial abrasives, in 'diamond' drilling equipment, or in glass cutting knives.
The Mets would love to add Furcal, even though they would have to convince him to move to the right on the infield 'diamond' and play second base.
decorative 'diamond' shapes
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