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Finding no skyscrapers and tall buildings from which he can swing, he looks for an alternative.
a very tall building of many stories.
translation of 'skyscraper'
গগনস্পর্শী অট্টালিকা,
গগনচুম্বী অট্টালিকা,
The rolling hills covered in green grass, dotted with dark southern pines that seem bigger than the tallest 'skyscraper' .
The fire illuminated a colossal figure that stood about as tall as a 'skyscraper' .
In the latter case, as in much of the book, the 'skyscraper' as a work of architecture is beside the point.
In Hong Kong, there is also a plan to build a 'skyscraper' over 480 metres tall.
In some 'skyscrapers' , storey upon storey of offices were alight, although others were not.
He was surrounded by tall 'skyscrapers' , their towering heights lost in the inky blackness of a night sky.
Foster's will be the tallest of 60 'skyscrapers' to be built there in the next few years.
The city was overcrowded with tall 'skyscrapers' and noisy vehicles of all sorts.
A siren echoed through the tall 'skyscrapers' , and faded beneath the noise of the city.
They're not building towering 'skyscrapers' of glass and steel in Brooklyn.
The competition winners believe the design will surprise residents who fear 'skyscrapers' and space age buildings.
Last year the city announced a ban on the building of new 'skyscrapers' .
More and taller 'skyscrapers' as well as suburban shopping malls were on the way.
Finding no 'skyscrapers' and tall buildings from which he can swing, he looks for an alternative.
Liverpool had the first of these hotel/apartment 'skyscrapers' and will soon get a second.
The city arose in their view, the tall 'skyscrapers' sweeping the skyline.
Masterton said there were good reasons for building 'skyscrapers' and spectacular towers.
There are more fields to go into like shipbuilding and building 'skyscrapers' and bridges and stuff.
Tall 'skyscrapers' loomed above us and a million cars drove in all different directions.
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