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Remember that abdominals are muscles, just like triceps, biceps, pecs and lats.
an abdominal muscle.
abdominal pain
relating to the abdomen.
translation of 'abdominal'
उदर से संबंधित,
The silo was progressively reduced, returning the abdominal viscera to the 'abdominal' cavity.
Family physicians frequently see patients who have 'abdominal' pain and altered bowel habits.
The major problem with excess 'abdominal' fat is that it is highly associated with the development of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
Children with recurrent 'abdominal' pain present a difficult conundrum for doctors.
He was taken to hospital for emergency 'abdominal' surgery.
With treatment, his 'abdominal' pain resolved and rectal bleeding ceased.
Nausea, vomiting, chest pain, a sore throat, 'abdominal' pain, and diarrhea then may appear.
'abdominal' pains
'abdominal' muscles
I once did a house call on a teenage boy with 'abdominal' pain and nausea.
I do not deny that there are patients with chronic 'abdominal' pain and altered bowel habit that defy analysis.
The adverse effects of iron tablets are mainly feeling sick, 'abdominal' pain, diarrhoea or constipation.
It is a general principle of 'abdominal' distension that one must treat the spleen.
The weight of the 'abdominal' viscera and adipose tissue pressed on the diaphragm, resulting in decreased chest volume.
Irritable bowel syndrome is characterized by recurrent episodes of 'abdominal' pain and discomfort and disturbed bowel habits.
She awoke one night with fierce 'abdominal' cramping and rectal pain.
The most common complaint is headache, followed by recurrent 'abdominal' pain and musculoskeletal pain.
If perforation occurs in the stomach or intestines, fever and 'abdominal' pain and tenderness may develop.
Stool collects in the child's colon and rectum and may cause 'abdominal' pain.
The patient was a young woman who presented in a busy admissions department with 'abdominal' pain.
She also gives exercises for the deep 'abdominal' muscles to stabilize the back and pelvic girdle.
Girls with ovarian tumors may have 'abdominal' pain and masses that can be felt in the abdomen.
Your 'abdominals' are, in fact, four separate muscle groups.
Contract your 'abdominals' to lift your shoulder blades off the ball.
Engage your 'abdominals' , squeezing shoulder blades together and down.
The 'abdominals' have the same capacity to improve muscular strength and endurance as any other muscle group in the body.
Lower hips, pulling 'abdominals' up and in until body forms a straight line from head to heels.
Contract lower 'abdominals' and lift left leg about two inches off floor.
After the birth, you'll also need to strengthen your pelvic floor and 'abdominals' .
You'll train your 'abdominals' and spine extensors to work simultaneously to maintain your lifted position as you move your top leg.
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