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he has an affinity for the music of Berlioz
a spontaneous or natural liking or sympathy for someone or something.
translation of 'affinity'
They generally feel a kinship and 'affinity' with other types.
Related to this notion of communal 'affinity' is ‘social closure’.
The bulk of local people were from the same Pashtun tribal stock as the Afghans of Kandahar and Jalalabad, and they felt close cultural and tribal 'affinity' with those over the border.
He had a natural 'affinity' with the tribe and would never miss an opportunity to be with them, interact with them and frequently get into discussions with them.
Across the continent there were marked continuities in physical characteristics and cultural features, and many linkages based on relations of kinship, 'affinity' , exchange, and religion.
His recent utterances have shown him to have a more than ethnic 'affinity' with Disraeli; and these are times that demand the Disraelian touch.
Our data do not pose any reason to suspect that we deal with gadolinium complexes of variable valence or that the 'affinity' of binding sites changes with their density or occupancy.
Croats also began to look to Serbs and other southern Slavs as people with whom they shared a linguistic and cultural 'affinity' .
For someone with such an 'affinity' for the natural world, it's not surprising to discover that another passion of Baxter is conservation.
Peoples with no particular 'affinity' toward each other are bound together in a state that was largely externally created and not the outcome of local political processes.
Nevertheless, ANII-DIN clearly had a higher 'affinity' to the test sequences than ANI-NVS.
Shaped by the fastidious Harnoncourt, the central andante movement opens with a horn theme that whispers an 'affinity' to the Largo from the New World symphony.
There is, or ought to be, a natural 'affinity' between community supported radio stations and community supported farms.
No fossils in the California Permian collection, other than the ‘hydrozoan’ described here, show a close 'affinity' to Tethyan forms.
Not surprisingly, we can see an 'affinity' to Warhol's early films in this series of paintings.
He was most at home when working on the land and had a natural 'affinity' with country people.
She discovered she had an 'affinity' with horses immediately
Relational proximity is shaped by cultural 'affinity' and facilitated by spatial and institutional proximity.
he had a special 'affinity' with horses
Use of the same island at the same time and the synchronization of seasonal and annual movements were not directly linked to any social 'affinity' between the two individuals.
These might be brief glossaries, grammatical or rhetorical definitions, astronomical diagrams, tables of kindred and 'affinity' , accounts, or tests of penmanship by the apprentice.
In its scale and some of its details Smith's building has an 'affinity' to Richardson's 1875-1876 Hayden Building in Boston.
a building with no 'affinity' to contemporary architectural styles
All investigated specimens show a remarkable 'affinity' to D. (A.) tyrolensis.
he has an 'affinity' for the music of Berlioz
The researcher suggested a close 'affinity' to Tetraodontiformes, although this idea has not been generally accepted.
She has a natural 'affinity' for the little-sister role, and has begun to follow Adrianne everywhere she goes.
the distinction between kinship and 'affinity' is not always clear-cut
The provenance signature instead suggests that the Sta Series has a closer 'affinity' to the Northern Gneisses and may in a general sense represent a deformed cover sequence.
This dolphin later turned up in Grace Bay in 1980 and demonstrated a natural 'affinity' with people.
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