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In addition you stated that the immigration officer did ask you questions but you were given instructions by the agent and the agent replied on your behalf.
a person who acts on behalf of another, in particular.
agents of change
a person or thing that takes an active role or produces a specified effect.
translation of 'agent'
आम मुख्तार,
It was against PFA rules to punish them twice, and the 'agent' acting on behalf of Dunne and Ball threatened to take Everton to court.
blood clotting 'agent'
Despite her many concert trips, organised by a private 'agent' , she lives together with her mother in wretched circumstances.
Indirect evidence suggests that viruses may play a role as the environmental 'agent' .
CI 'agent' training focuses on methods to detect and counter enemy intelligence efforts and to conduct investigations.
If he is able to explore his options, don't be surprised if at least 10 teams make an initial call to his 'agent' on Spikes' behalf.
Before long, I established a relationship with him that was part publicist, part business 'agent' , and part supplier.
a travel 'agent'
Mr Brown and the 'agent' acting on his behalf, Hodgson and Coward, of Daltongate, Ulverston, were unavailable for comment.
Moreover, a company will need to make sure that it's getting the right level of service from a third party serving as the outsourcing 'agent' for many different organizations.
In BVI, the Bahamas, Niue, and the Seychelles, the parent company acts solely as a company formation 'agent' and provides related services.
We need a term for this phenomenon, in which the 'agent' is changed to avoid using an imperative.
This has been confirmed to me by the legal 'agent' acting on my behalf.
Through the use of the passive voice, the 'agent' which designs ‘these carefully targeted actions’ has been left unspecified.
I'm sure that most customers would prefer to have a service 'agent' much closer to office or home, and not need to have the added customer service of a courtesy car.
Ionizing radiation is a ubiquitous environmental physical 'agent' whose DNA-damaging effects are fairly well established.
In addition you stated that the immigration officer did ask you questions but you were given instructions by the agent and the 'agent' replied on your behalf.
It is tempting, then, to define a basic action as an action in which the 'agent' causes an effect of a certain kind, but not ‘by’ any means whatever.
For one thing, my Movable Type gatekeeper of comments brings back the focus on my role as an 'agent' in the conversation.
It would appear that the implied objective of the Act is to protect consumers who seek employment through the services of an employment 'agent' .
In such cases, the or is generally interpreted as an 'agent' suffix like the vernacular er: author is as invariable in its spelling as writer.
I find that the 'agent' acted throughout on behalf of the purchaser.
I was rehearsing for a small part in Chicago, though my 'agent' felt a understudy role in Alabama was more likely.
a real-estate 'agent'
Since Sona was a new company, I acted as an 'agent' on behalf of the company and as a conduit for its finances at all times in this capacity.
City yesterday confirmed that they had been approached by an 'agent' on behalf of the north-east club.
a trained intelligence 'agent'
an FBI 'agent'
Louise Ratcliff, the 'agent' acting on behalf of the applicants, said the car park is in line with Network Rail and train operator One's hopes to increase the usage of White Notley railway station.
Granovsky did not advertise the unit for rent, nor did she employ the services of a rental 'agent' or of a real estate firm.
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