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the government was alarmed by an outbreak of unrest
cause (someone) to feel frightened, disturbed, or in danger.
this door is locked and alarmed between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.
be fitted or protected with an alarm.
the boat tilted and the boatmen cried out in alarm
an anxious awareness of danger.
translation of 'alarm'
खतरे का संकेत,
संकट का संकेत
ख़तरे की सूचना देना,
ख़तरे की सूचना,
जगाने का यन्त्र,
आपत्ति का पूर्वसंकेत,
he views the right-wing upsurge in Europe with 'alarm'
British Telecom has apologised after a petrol station worker being held by a knifeman couldn't raise the 'alarm' because the phonelines were broken.
The 'alarm' can also play any sound you choose and includes a handy snooze button.
Beth Rodden calls out in 'alarm' from the other portaledge.
He spent several hours searching the mountainside for his brother, an experienced walker, before descending to raise the 'alarm' from a public phone box.
Far from flying off in 'alarm' at my approach, as just about any other bird would, this specimen of Cathartes aura greeted me with the avian equivalent of a yawn.
The two-year-old Labrador can open doors, turn on lights, pick up dropped items and raise the 'alarm' if something is wrong with Luke.
He tried to use his phone to raise the 'alarm' but was not able to get a signal so he hammered on the door of the house.
Ri shrieked in 'alarm' and jumped, shocked to find Kasna standing in the far corner.
they disabled the 'alarm' and used a glass cutter to get in
This week we all start operating in the energy field of the Crab, who skitters sideways in 'alarm' when approached directly.
Oliver smelled smoke and gave the 'alarm'
he views the right-wing upsurge in Europe with 'alarm'
On the other side of the Limpopo, South Africa must be watching events with 'alarm' ; the last thing its government needs is a neighbour and trading partner in economic freefall.
THE LIFE of a Freehold youngster was saved by a revolutionary new system designed to raise the 'alarm' when swimmers get into difficulties.
The Guards strove to advance still closer to their quarry, but a crackling stick gave the 'alarm' and some six or seven men around the still sped off across the bog in two groups.
It's like a silent 'alarm' ringing on a carefully coded genetic clock.
I hammered on several doors to raise the 'alarm'
The duke meanwhile enjoyed the vision she made, eyes wild and blue with 'alarm' , lips slightly open in complete shock.
The issue needs a bit more investigation, before we raise the 'alarm' , but this is a potentially important economic development.
It's a classic Swiss Army knife with lots of different blades and stuff, but it's updated with a digital clock, 'alarm' , and stopwatch.
While the current version can only raise the 'alarm' , it could be adapted to corner an intruder if the customer wanted…
Clocky Robotic Alarm - Awesome robotic 'alarm' clock to wake you up!
Though the call wasn't mine it managed to work well and I found it impossible to go back to sleep until minutes before my own 'alarm' went off.
However, barely a day or night goes by without the sound of a burglar 'alarm' wailing.
We cannot help but wonder with 'alarm' : how many more colleagues with some sense of shame and conscience will follow the footsteps of Li Fang?
Although no one could figure out where exactly he disappeared to under cover of the darkness, the neighbourhood woke up in 'alarm' at midnight to find Pehlad's house on fire.
He reached South Georgia, but landed on the wrong side of the island and had to cross 26 miles of mountainous terrain, before reaching a whaling station to raise the 'alarm' .
His apparent failure to notice that the pressure system was still on manual reportedly resulted in a warning 'alarm' being sounded at 10,000 ft.
Mr Wynn, an 18-year-old archaeology student at the University of York, managed to escape and raise the 'alarm' .
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