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the gadget shuts off the television set when a kid has used up his allotment
the amount of something allocated to a particular person.
translation of 'allotment'
A full-time SWAT team spends a huge 'allotment' of its work hours in relevant firearms training.
Over the years, students from rural and semi-urban areas manage to get a seat via a single window system of 'allotment' .
It is not acceptable for a church to make a blanket statement such as ‘we never provide unpaid time off once an employee has used up his or her sick leave 'allotment' .’
the 'allotment' of equity securities
Typesetting and printing ate the entire $2,000 'allotment' and more.
My decision to leave after 4th year came down to subject choice and teacher 'allotment' .
Being Mr. Kushner's alter ego, he at least gets an 'allotment' of choice lines.
My promotion brought my monthly pay up to $42, from which I sent my mother an 'allotment' .
And for many writers this 'allotment' of time can seem altogether binding and a difficult task to stick to.
The 'allotment' of shares in the Estate Company, in satisfaction of the purchase price under the 1924 Contract, was made on 29th October 1924.
You are right to blame the airlines, by the way: It is their design and their 'allotment' of space that has turned coach accommodations into sardine cans for humans.
They use up the 'allotment' of a restricted commodity without gaining any benefits.
Once the parental leave 'allotment' is used up, parents are entitled to work a six-hour day until their youngest child's eighth birthday.
Some faculty may feel threatened by the loss of control over the subject matter or the 'allotment' of time within courses they had previously considered their personal domain.
Individual grants will range from $130,000 to $200,000, with an average 'allotment' of $167,000.
Because districts give each child a fixed 'allotment' of several hundred dollars, bidding tutoring companies compete on program quality, not price.
Ideally, each of our test cards would have included the same memory 'allotment' , but supply constraints left us with mismatched amounts of memory.
After the Park Service and environmentalists won an 'allotment' of water for the park, they also managed to keep petroleum companies at bay.
the 'allotment' of equity securities
In the second phase, the collection of tax from private car owners, registration of vehicles and 'allotment' of numbers to the newly registered vehicles would be performed by the computers.
For the Choctaws in Oklahoma, 'allotment' proved to be disastrous.
But by 1926 all of the Oklahoma reservations (except the Osage mineral reservation) had been broken up by 'allotment' .
Therefore, 'allotment' of seats to youth festival winners for professional education courses should be stopped.
The board provides a water 'allotment' for the 5,800 farmers, based on expected runoff in the Tuolumne River watershed.
What I really wanted was a way to assign transactions from my checking account to different categories and have the computer tell me how close I was getting to my monthly 'allotment' of funds.
The holidays are busy, moody times, so depending on your attitude and time 'allotment' for the day, you may want to choose either steady-state or interval training as your cardio option.
Fernando says we should be prepared for a time 'allotment' of anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.
Also consider including an extra ‘half-cheat’ day, where on a second day during the week, you add half as many carbs to your daily 'allotment' as you would add for a full cheat day.
All of us have an ample 'allotment' of diabetic patients in our practices.
However, some parents felt the organisers needed to devote attention to details such as time management and 'allotment' of space for parents to wait while their wards were taking the test.
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