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The four acre garden provides a decorative home for many interesting and unusual plants including a large rock garden with rare alpines , colourful herbaceous borders, rhododendrons and a choice collection of tress and shrubs.
a plant native to mountain districts, often suitable for growing in rock gardens.
An increasing amount of forests along ridgetops in the front ranges of the Canadian Rocky Mountains is reducing the ability of some alpine butterflies to disperse among patches of suitable habitat.
a North American butterfly that typically has brownish-black wings with orange-red markings.
alpine and subalpine habitats
of or relating to high mountains.
translation of 'alpine'
ऊंचे पहाड़
Some of the characters believed to be correlated with DNA amount are 'alpine' habitat, life history and breeding system.
This was a hoot, since the exam was given on an 'alpine' hill that I skied on with my long, skinny, wooden skis.
Vermont is crammed with forested mountains, cliffs and 'alpine' streams that form the basis for ice climbing: frozen rock faces and gullies laced with frozen waterfalls and icy snowmelt.
On the telephone she sung hymns to the joys of 'alpine' mountain biking.
Spotted Sandpipers breed in a variety of freshwater habitats from sea level to 'alpine' areas, although they are not as common at higher elevations.
Plant communities thrive there, from ribbons of riparian plants to sagebrush fiats, lodgepole pine forests, subalpine meadows and 'alpine' stone fields.
It is a bright summer's day, and the scenery all around is pleasant - 'alpine' mountain ranges in the distance, green grass and tall trees elsewhere.
Events include snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and 'alpine' downhill racing at the Sunshine Village, one of the most exclusive areas of Banff in the Canadian Rockies.
The hikers start in tropical rainforest territory and travel through moorlands, 'alpine' meadows and glaciers on the summit.
And it seems admirers have a treat in store this year on Girraween's 'alpine' style heathlands, meadows and high altitude forests.
I was one of the first people to see the Staunings Alps in 1954, a fantastic 'alpine' terrain which is full of marvellous, unclimbed peaks and with continuous daylight in summer.
Hiking to glacial lakes and waterfalls in the high 'alpine' terrain, we'll access vistas where Napi looks over his people.
Mountain Bluebirds can be found in 'alpine' parklands in the Cascades, the Blue Mountains, and the northeast corner of Washington.
In 'alpine' environments, plants may be exposed to high temperatures during the day, but may be subject to overnight lows near freezing.
They generally prefer open country and can be found in habitat from salt marshes at sea level to areas of 'alpine' tundra at high elevation.
An increasing amount of forests along ridgetops in the front ranges of the Canadian Rocky Mountains is reducing the ability of some 'alpine' butterflies to disperse among patches of suitable habitat.
Here we use mark-recapture methods to estimate movement of the 'alpine' butterfly through both meadow and forest habitats
Shops and restaurants would complete the building, set to overtake Milton Keynes as the biggest indoor 'alpine' ski complex in Britain.
The severity and unpredictably of higher latitude and 'alpine' habitats present special challenges to birds and mammals who live out some or all of their lives there.
In late summer, many move to 'alpine' and sub-alpine meadows.
The Alpine Trekker is simply a dummy ski-boot sole that you clip into your 'alpine' ski binding.
Imagine the perfect 'alpine' backdrop: Mountain peaks surround you as far as the eye can see.
They inhabit every terrestrial ecosystem on earth, from rainforest canopies to 'alpine' mountains, from lakes and rivers to hot dry deserts.
The Bavarian Lodge offers nature tours into Williams Lake Glacial Canyon, a unique 'alpine' wetland.
Our journey takes us through about 41 miles of incredible Sierra terrain, high 'alpine' passes, glistening lakes, and snow-dotted mountains.
But, more than the excitement, the sheer seclusion and beauty that a quiet 'alpine' ski run can give is something rarely experienced.
In the centre of the country, the 'alpine' moorland and montane forests of Mt. Kenya and the Aberdares conceal rare bongo antelope, red duiker, suni, bushbuck, Giant forest hog and colobus monkeys.
It's now as smooth and gleaming, and as ruddily glowing, as a freshly deforested 'Alpine' slope at sunset.
Believe it or not, although I have gardened for years on a property that contains plants from fruit trees through small 'alpines' , I do not own a pressure sprayer.
At first sight, it is your standard-issue 'Alpine' hotel: built on old cattle pasture and still run by the family that owned the cows.
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