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Unfortunately, dinosaurs almost never get trapped in tree amber .
hard translucent fossilized resin produced by extinct coniferous trees of the Tertiary period, typically yellowish in color.
amber beads
made of amber.
translation of 'amber'
Unfortunately, dinosaurs almost never get trapped in tree 'amber' .
Grimaldi studies insect fossils in both 'amber' and stone.
The same maroon and 'amber' are the traditional colours of Belle Vue Boys' School.
The fossilized sap from sweetgum trees, containing ancient and extinct insects, is prized as 'amber' .
When she promised to be his bride, he bought her a necklace of 'amber' beads.
As she walked over to the console, Krys took note of the small 'amber' light glowing from the edge of the security screen.
Even at this time of the year, the very beginning of summer, it sprawls dry, thorny and desiccated, in shades of tan, 'amber' , and a hundred browns.
This alone should make the book desirable for those interested in 'amber' or aficionados of fossil insects and spiders.
These letters come in three colours - green, 'amber' and red.
the lights were at 'amber'
The inside of the tunnel was lit dimly with 'amber' light modules installed at short intervals for the benefit of the maintenance personnel that had to work here.
It was reported that it took eleven years just to research and revive the old techniques used and to study old photos to match at least thirteen various tints of 'amber' .
The sun bathed his chestnut brown hair in light, turning it 'amber' .
They have also set aside funds for flashing 'amber' lights and are currently in consultation with the Department of Education to take this forward.
A spark of something like animosity flashed in his large 'amber' eyes before disappearing completely.
The island's 'amber' fossil record may also help turn up previously unknown species still living today, Penney said.
Amber is one of the better preservatives of DNA, so dinosaur DNA in 'amber' would be good.
The grapes are 'amber' to yellow-green in colour, thin skinned with firm, rich, moderately juicy, finely flavoured flesh.
Furniture includes chairs and couches upholstered in 'amber' , magenta, and burgundy.
'amber' eyes
He hopes the food labelling system, possibly using traffic light red, 'amber' and green warnings, will also help people help themselves.
The phoenix left a fiery trail behind it in the colour of soft 'amber' .
Thirty percent of rough amber is waste, but some waste amber pieces were used to make pressed 'amber' in the Russian factory.
Her eyes were a light brown, so light they almost looked 'amber' .
Turning traffic lights to flash 'amber' is not the answer to congestion and we need to see real progress on the bypass.
The colour of the liquid progressed from transparent to 'amber' : the richer colour representing the whiskey in its most mature state.
If you rub a glass rod with a silk cloth or if you rub a piece of 'amber' with wool, the glass and amber will develop a static charge that can attract small bits of paper or plastic.
It's a series of traffic lights - green, 'amber' , and red - that are within the view of the candidates.
She and her colleagues would gladly take on restoration projects, organize exhibits, and make 'amber' souvenirs for the palace gift shop.
Golden 'amber' in colour, the wine takes time to open, but then displays a warm, honeyed aroma with a short, spicy finish.
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