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the desert is like a line drawing waiting to be animated with color
bring to life.
Most people know Disney's Snow White as the first animated feature film.
give (a movie or character) the appearance of movement using animation techniques.
an animated conversation
full of life or excitement; lively.
an animated version of the classic fairy tale
(of a movie or image) made using animation techniques.
translation of 'animated'
Clocking at 115 minutes, the film is a technical marvel - the longest and most sophisticated CG 'animated' film to date.
Shaun Anthony Markey fled from Woolworth's store in Hereford with a battery-operated model of the chisel-jawed character, who features in the 'animated' film Toy Story.
The only contribution I make to road trips is shaky navigation and 'animated' conversation.
I watch a chic woman with full make up and a glittering green bikini conduct an 'animated' mobile phone conversation while strolling up and down and smoking.
This blithely idiosyncratic, almost dialogue-free 'animated' film concerns an old lady's quest to recover her grandson after he is mysteriously kidnapped during the Tour de France.
So what is the 81-year-old Paul Newman doing playing a crusty old auto with blue eyes for headlights in the 'animated' film Cars, a cartoon set in the world of race cars?
The most significant director of 'animated' films in the 1970s and 1980s was Jan Svankmajer, despite a seven-year ban from film-making.
Where once the author was verging on sulky, she is now 'animated' and lively - although not, it must be said, with this interviewer.
So I'm not looking for excitement, inspiration or even 'animated' discussion.
No wonder this sophisticated film was selected for competition at last month's Cannes film festival, the first 'animated' film to be accorded that honour since Peter Pan in 1954.
The expanded Matrix universe includes the webcomics, the videogame, and now the Animatrix: nine 'animated' films that explore the breadth, depth and history of the Matrix.
While the family is still poor and Harihar's health is declining, he is happy to be reunited with his wife and son, who is 'animated' and excited about city life.
His new hand-drawn 'animated' film ‘The Moon and the Son’ premiered at MoMA this year and will air on Cinemax in 2006.
Author Margie Palatini employs word play, puns, and satire in this 'animated' mystery, a lively spoof of the 1960s television series Dragnet.
It was great to see such an inspirational person become so 'animated' and involved with the people and issues around her.
The chairman, Bob Hardcastle, was a rotund man in his sixties, with a heavy chest, his laboured voice rising in pitch 'animated' by the excitement of the correspondence before him.
Visits are typically very lively with lots of 'animated' discussion.
Sir Ian is currently working on the 'animated' film version of the classic children's animation series The Magic Roundabout.
In John Lassetter and Brad Bird, they have in my mind two of the four best 'animated' filmmakers in the world, which is encouraging.
Kimba The White Lion, first known as Jungle Emperor Leo, was a '60s Japanese 'animated' film that some suggest inspired another well known production.
Finding Nemo, an 'animated' film, uses animals to mirror some truths about family life.
I would like to congratulate the Hon David Benson-Pope on the very 'animated' and lively way he spoke about this bill.
At least that's the thesis of Valiant, a new 'animated' film from Disney that foregrounds the sacrifices of those brave birds in its unconventional retelling of that terrible conflict.
‘Madagascar’ is an 'animated' film featuring the voices of Chris Rock, Ben Stiller and Jada Pinkett Smith.
Whereas her father, a jack-of-all-trades, goes about his work in an unhurried but highly efficient manner, her mother is always 'animated' and lively.
He was very excited and 'animated' when he was brought to the new Keyspan Park in Brooklyn to throw out a first ball at the Mets minor league home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.
Girl 24 is an 'animated' film employing stop-motion techniques in the style of Jan Svankmajer and the Brothers Quay.
He was so excited and 'animated' the audience couldn't help but be excited with him.
Few were 'animated' or fired by this slogan, and only rarely those few.
There are many computer 'animated' scenes that bring long-dead creatures back into existence.
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