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Lurking in these holes, the ants grab the legs and antennae of unsuspecting insects.
either of a pair of long, thin sensory appendages on the heads of insects, crustaceans, and some other arthropods.
The interference involves a number of television antennas often used on boats.
a rod, wire, or other device used to transmit or receive radio or television signals.
translation of 'antenna'
कीड़ों के स्पर्श-सूत्र,
कीडों के मूंछें
a TV 'antenna'
The only appendages that all crustaceans have in common is two pairs of 'antennae' .
Without claws, spiny lobsters use their 'antennae' to fend off predators.
The interference involves a number of television 'antennas' often used on boats.
It was a female, as evidenced by its plump, rounded abdomen and thin 'antennae' .
But Melissa writes for the Guardian, and Guardian writers have different sensual 'antennae' to the rest of us.
The plan was to build local telecommunications networks using 'antennas' on customer buildings.
Though social barriers may have been lowered, our social 'antennae' have not.
Moments later, automatic commands deployed its solar arrays and navigational 'antennas' .
In each case he has used his considerable speaking abilities and his acute political 'antennae' to confront the allegations head on.
He possessed both an indomitable will and supersensitive 'antennae' attuned to the political airways.
To this day, Russian spacecraft tend to use separate 'antennas' for each communications function.
They can suss out a person and have a natural 'antennae' .
And while he has the political 'antennae' to know what was being said about him, he has long given the impression that he doesn't give a damn.
But it is where the government has rushed, unprepared, political 'antennae' wobbling, that it has fallen into error.
We suppose they are radio 'antennas' beaming away their signal into the low grey sky.
In these fossils, detail of legs, 'antennae' , wings, and even small body hairs are preserved.
It's a touch ugly, to be honest, with three external 'antennas' on top of a small grey box.
Any one morphological structure in insects is usually highly polygenic, but still no morphological systematist today would think of proposing a phylogeny solely on the basis of a wing vein or an 'antennal' segment.
Aware of all this, Campbell's 'antennae' were not tuned in.
A male would confront a female and attempt to grasp the female's antennae with its 'antennal' clamps.
Dish 'antennas' now receive more than fifty television channels via satellite signals.
Peter Stringer has occasionally been charged with a lack of extravagance behind the scrum, but his 'antennae' are never down.
Scaled down versions might serve as 'antennas' for communications systems.
Wireless calls can be received by a number of different 'antennas' miles away from the caller.
Moreover, a substantial proportion of the surviving hybrid males, but not the hybrid females, have 'antennal' and leg deformities when reared under standard laboratory conditions at 29°.
We need agile radios whose 'antennas' can point to other agile radios and not spread radio waves in every direction.
Their mission changed from checking radios to checking the mounts and 'antennas' .
Abu Mustafa, whose 'antennae' were particularly sensitive, said he didn't think it was a wonderful idea.
And all the folks who have 'antennae' for political magic are all a-twitter over him.
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