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police are appealing for information about the incident
make a serious or urgent request, typically to the public.
he said he would appeal against the conviction
apply to a higher court for a reversal of the decision of a lower court.
his mother made an appeal for the return of the ring
a serious or urgent request, typically one made to the public.
he has 28 days in which to lodge an appeal
an application to a higher court for a decision to be reversed.
translation of 'appeal'
आकर्षक होना,
पुनर्विचार करना,
प्रार्थना करना,
सच्ची प्रार्थना करना,
अपील करना
he has 28 days in which to lodge an 'appeal'
Meanwhile police issued an urgent 'appeal' for anyone who saw the red getaway car or the skip lorry prior to the raid in either Sheffield or Balby to contact them.
An 'appeal' to her sense of fair play had failed to sway her.
this game will 'appeal' very much to children
This support means that funds raised by the 'appeal' will go directly to Marie Curie Cancer Care.
A teenager on holiday in Greece has sent his mum an urgent 'appeal' for cash - after his first trip abroad became a red-tape nightmare.
Do you say that the respondent appealed or sought special leave to 'appeal' against that decision?
Both professors hope that the popular 'appeal' of the findings will attract students to the department.
A Hyndburn stray dogs charity has made a heartfelt 'appeal' for help with a homeless pooch who broke his leg after being knocked down.
an 'appeal' to black pride
She added she had not received the councillors' petition or his 'appeal' for a meeting.
a public 'appeal' to raise $120,000
Yet it is because these films tackle serious issues in a serious manner that their 'appeal' is limited.
What held my attention, however, was the 'appeal' in his eyes.
The unidentified man has 12 hours to 'appeal' against the decision.
Health authorities in Kildare have launched a fresh 'appeal' for the mother or father of a baby girl who was abandoned last April to come forward.
The cash was raised by the group's flood fund 'appeal' through donations and a variety of charity events.
Although maybe the show's ghastly 'appeal' may attract voyeuristic interest.
the 'appeal' of the city
The variety of musical styles and interesting guests had popular 'appeal' .
A woman has issued a heartfelt 'appeal' this week to anyone who may know the whereabouts of her two-year-old brother.
to set up an 'appeal' for the poor
she made an 'appeal' to her son to call home
The authorities will now promote the 'appeal' for donations and fight to raise £300,000 nationwide to assist with the completion of the centre.
Cat suits would have greater 'appeal' for one thing.
The 'appeal' aims to raise funds needed for new diagnostic and treatment equipment for the hospital.
But while the history is interesting, the deep 'appeal' of fly fishing is not in narrative.
This autobiography will 'appeal' most to those interested in the history of the Chattahoochee Valley.
Rather than an indicator of the quality of British food, the popular 'appeal' of celebrity chefs on British TV is precisely because its direness.
'appeal' for mercy
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