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cigarette ash
the powdery residue left after the burning of a substance.
The woods most often used for balsamic include chestnut, ash tree , cherry, mulberry, juniper and oak.
a tree with silver-gray bark and compound leaves. The ash is widely distributed throughout north temperate regions where it can form forests.
translation of 'ash'
सून का पेड़,
The minerals in volcanic 'ash' reflect this wavelength particularly well.
The most fertile land is in the Pacific coast region, where volcanic 'ash' has fertilized the soil.
the plains have been showered by volcanic 'ash'
Faience is a glass-like material, made by heating a paste consisting of sand or crushed quartz, an alkali such as plant 'ash' , and a glaze, until vitrification occurs.
He visited a £32m project to stabilise mines under the town by pumping them full of a mixture of fuel 'ash' and cement.
Fire can also aid bog formation as particles of 'ash' and carbon deposited into the soil profile can reduce drainage and therefore initiate peat growth.
It was almost a foot long, made of 'ash' wood with beautiful engravings of seagulls and sailor knots and braided ropes on it.
Deep growls and explosions thundered through the air as clouds of black volcanic 'ash' coated the surroundings.
Fly ash is a waste 'ash' produced from burning coal in electric power plants.
The newly planted trees include oak, 'ash' , Scots pine, yew, birch and alder.
Water sources could not be consumed as they were contaminated by sulfur and 'ash' from the volcano, he added.
No absolute age was calculated for the site because it contains no volcanic 'ash' , the material usually analyzed in such dating.
Despite the dangers, people often settle near volcanoes because the soil is periodically fertilized with mineral rich 'ash' and dust.
This fine clay, derived from volcanic 'ash' , binds stools.
Scientists say that any eruption could throw up a modest 'ash' plume and also be accompanied by mud flows that would ooze out of the crater's open north end.
He likes to mix volcanic 'ash' with his homemade pigments to make paint.
Then there are her unusual wall sculptures made from 'ash' wood, which she says bring a ‘natural presence’ to the home.
The 'ash' residue from the burning of hazardous waste is itself highly toxic.
Alternatively, for a clean, elegant look, go for hand-made hardwood kitchens in pale maple or 'ash' .
The researchers sampled the volcanic 'ash' on both sides of the river that lay above where the fossils were found.
Footprints of two friends, probably children, left in volcanic 'ash' more than 325,000 years ago are the oldest ever found.
He said officials expected a large 'ash' plume if the volcano blows.
The landscape here is still a vast area of grey brown covered mostly with volcanic 'ash' , dust and rock (a pumice plain).
My favourite woods are yew and 'ash' , but I enjoy working with any wood.
As in Edgefield, potters at Guadalupe initially used alkaline, or 'ash' , glazes.
Interspersed among the river sediments are occasional layers of volcanic 'ash' from ancient eruptions of nearby volcanoes.
They include such materials as soil, sand, rice flour, 'ash' , white cement, charcoal or pigment, rubbed onto paper or canvas.
The neatly folded scented bed sheets and the four-poster bed made of 'ash' wood had this annoying elegance, which seems to be mocking at her frustration.
Look for wooden handles made out of 'ash' or hickory wood.
The shaft of long handled tools should be a light wood, such as 'ash' , and should be unpainted and free of knots.
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