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a homework assignment
a task or piece of work assigned to someone as part of a job or course of study.
the assignment of individuals to particular social positions
the attribution of someone or something as belonging.
translation of 'assignment'
सौंपा गया काम
his 'assignment' was to the County Court
Her conduct on 'assignment' bordered on the unethical.
An 'assignment' to this category is straightforward for duplicates with amino acid sequences of identical length.
He was sent there on 'assignment' and she tagged along.
Graduating from West Point in 1907, Arnold earnestly desired an 'assignment' to the cavalry but instead was posted to the infantry.
the effective 'assignment' of tasks
But I also don't want to toss out controlled vocabularies, or expert 'assignment' of categories.
The Court disregards the opinion of any witness for either side as to what constitutes an 'assignment' document!
At least 4 journalists from the mainstream media have already died on 'assignment' this year.
The multicultural day was part of a school 'assignment' , where students studied every aspect of a chosen culture.
Carl had fallen in love with them in Bangalore where he had been posted on an 'assignment' .
And actually, I think Matt will be doing that interview, because I'll be traveling on 'assignment' that day.
the 'assignment' of individuals to particular social positions
Altion is in the area of network capacity management, administration and circuit 'assignment' .
Also, 164 employees were attending training programs, and 189 were on 'assignment' outside their office.
I therefore find that the 'assignment' was valid and the assignee could sue in its own name.
People who attended the public events were mostly expatriate wives who are raising families while their husbands are on 'assignment' in Shanghai.
a homework 'assignment'
A person whose performance has slacked off may be reacting to changes in the work environment, management, work task or 'assignment' .
Before he arrived in Bulgaria last October, Roel was posted on a similar 'assignment' , on social dialogue, in Slovakia.
Thus, current district policies on school 'assignment' are likely to need a major overhaul.
Her favorite 'assignment' , though, is working the window at the post office.
On 'assignment' for the Mirror, I decided to lurk around various pieces to see whether anyone was paying attention.
the 'assignment' of individuals to particular social positions
an 'assignment' of leasehold property
One drawback to the study was the nonrandom 'assignment' to intervention and nonintervention groups.
It was an 'assignment' that changed the course of his life.
Smears were taken using the same technique in both groups and interpreted by technicians who were not aware of the patient 'assignment' in the study.
Because these projected experiments had never been done, 'assignment' to a risk category was, of course, somewhat speculative and subjective.
history research 'assignment'
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